These Candles That Smell Like Your Memories Will Channel All Sorts Of Nostalgia

The holidays have a way of making us homesick, and since they’re right around the corner, it’s helpful to know that even if you can’t make it home for Christmas, you can still feel a little closer to those familiar surroundings thanks to the Homesick Candle Co.

The Homesick Candle Co. specializes in bringing you what you miss the most. To that end, they have a memories candle collection that smell like, well, your most treasured memories, along with candles that smell like your home state or country, too.

They’ve recently launched a collection inspired by memories, and it’s full of nostalgia. There are scents created to smell just like your grandma’s kitchen, those months you spent at summer camp, Friday night football games and even one scent that’s meant to smell like cuddling up with your favorite book. The range consists of six different scents, with each candle retailing for $29.95.

In case you’re curious about what “grandma’s kitchen” or “books” actually smells like, here’s a breakdown of the scents we’ve gotten to test firsthand:

Road Trip Candle

Ahh, the open road. Remember that time you and your friend took a spontaneous road trip across the country? This scent will instantly remind you of the days spent cruising the highway. According to the product description, this smells like “desert air mixed with woody cedar, rich leather and a touch of floral jasmine and finished with an amber base.”

It’s meant to remind you of your old car, the air freshener you had hanging from the rear view mirror and the scents of your surroundings. We’re definitely picking up on that subtle ocean breeze scent and the car’s air freshener. Whether you’re missing a road trip or craving one, this scent should hold you over until you’re able to take your next trip.

Dario Ortega

Grandma’s Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like grandma’s kitchen. It always smells like old recipes, the ones that have been in your family for generations. And the secret cookie recipe? You’d better believe you pick up on that scent as soon as you step foot inside grandma’s cooking space. This candle is designed to recreate those delicious smells you miss out on when you’re not near grandma come baking time.

According to the product description, you’ll pick up on notes of “rich butter mixed with touches of apple, cinnamon, clove and a hint of sugar cookie.” All of that yumminess is topped off with “Tonka bean and sugar.”

Burning this in your home will make it smell as though there really is an apple pie in the oven. It may even make you want to put on your apron so you can try to recreate some of grandma’s magic yourself.

Dario Ortega


You can’t beat cuddling up with an old book, or evenings spent studying at the university’s library until the wee hours of the morning. There’s something about being swept up in the words of the literary greats, and yes—there’s a smell associated with it, too.

As you can imagine, the scent is hard to capture in words, but the product description on the Homesick website sums it up as, “an older leather bound book accord mixed with a woody desk character of cedar and sandalwood. Hints of balsamic and vanilla finish the complex scent.”

The best way we can describe it is: vintage. It’s seriously like going back in time. You’re going to smell the wood paneling of that old library as soon as you get a whiff of this. And the longer it burns, the more you’ll be inclined to keep the pages turning.

Dario Ortega

Not only do these make great additions to your home, but they can also make for thoughtful stocking stuffers. Got a friend who’s a book worm? They need the books candle. Know someone who loves adventure? The road trip scent is one they’re sure to love.

We love how creative candle companies are getting these days. With just a few online stops, you could have all of your holiday shopping finished in no time. ‘Tis the season for reminiscing, after all!