Candy cane Tootsie Pops are back for the holidays


If you’re someone who can’t get enough of the iconic — and delightfully holiday-ish — combination of chocolate and mint, you’ll want to grab a bag of the limited-edition candy cane flavor of Tootsie Roll Pops before Santa’s sleigh hits your rooftop.

Like the signature Tootsie Roll Pops, the lollipops have a chewy chocolate center, but these festive treats feature a hard peppermint white-and-red shell, just like a candy cane.

A large 9.6-ounce bag of about 16 pops is $2.69 at Target, or get a pack of three bags for $19.88 on Amazon. These minty-chocolate lollipops would make awesome stocking stuffers!

And don’t miss out on other seasonal candy favorites, like Butterfinger Jingles, which taste like your favorite Butterfingers but come in a holiday bell shape. A 9-ounce bag at Target costs $3.69.


Got a naughty elf on your gift list? Stuff their stocking with Butterfinger Bites’ “lumps of coal!” Find the 3.2-ounce bags at Target for $1.49 each.


And make sure to grab a few boxes of the M&M’s Milk Chocolate Christmas Story Book, which includes everyone’s favorite Christmas M&M’s along with a little storybook and game inside.

This would make a great gift for your kids’ classmates or for your coworkers on the last workday before the holidays. Find these boxes at Target for $2.99 each.


Or check out this Winter Wonderland gift box which includes Snickers, Twix and Milky Way candies.

The gift box comes with stickers inside, which make for easy kids’ entertainment while traveling over the holidays or while anxiously waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. Find a 4.16-ounce box on Target’s website for $3.79.


Stuffing stockings has never been so easy!

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