This Brewery Is Making Candy Corn Beer

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Instead of going the typical route in creating a fall beer, one brewery decided to mix things up. In other words, you won’t find any pumpkin spice here! For the fall season, the Westallion Brewing Company in Wisconsin became inspired by a Halloween staple and created the ultimate unique fall brew: Candy Corn Cream Ale.

Whether you actually enjoy eating candy corn or not, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty synonymous with Halloween, and that’s precisely why this brewery is betting this beer will be a standout.

“We’re paying tribute to what we believe is an underrated Halloween confectionery, that sets us a little bit aside from doing just a pumpkin beer or seasonal spice beer,” brewer Erik Dorfner told New Hampshire’s WMUR News 9.

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Flickr | Don & Janet Beasley ~ #BeaslePunk

According to the brewing company’s Facebook, the beer isn’t literally infused with candy corn, but instead it’s full of flavors that mimic the sugary sweet candy.

“At the base, we created a cream ale using lactose sugars to keep some sweetness, but added Simcoe hops to create a bit of a bite and a balance (and maybe help remind us that it’s still beer?),” the company wrote. “Instead of smashing up some candy corns and throwing them in our beer, we made our own candy corn out of less beer destructive ingredients and threw them into our beer!”

The brewery pointed out on Instagram that the beer “was brewed to smell and taste like candy corn with notes of vanilla and cream”:

The beer officially became available at the Westallion Brewing Company in West Allis, Wisconsin on Oct. 4.

If you’re in the area, you’ll definitely want to stop in and try this beer while it’s on tap for the fall season. But, if you don’t live near Wisconsin — there’s still a chance for you to get your hands on some candy corn beer. Believe it or not, this Wisconsin-based brewery isn’t the first to try this out!

You can also find Candy Corn IPA available in Cigar City Brewery’s tasting room in Tampa, Florida, if you’re interested in sipping on some super sweet beer and happen to live a little closer to this southern U.S. destination.

If that’s still not accessible — you may be hard-pressed to find candy-corn beer, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the festive drinking fun! There are other alcoholic recipes that will infuse the flavor of the candy into your cocktail.

This video from the MamaKatTV YouTube channel shows you how to make a martini that looks more like a piece of candy corn rather than tasting like candy corn, per se — if you’re more interested in aesthetics:

And this video from the pankobunny YouTube channels shows how to make candy corn Jell-o shots after creating candy-corn flavored vodka from scratch:

So, whether you’re in it for the taste or just want your Halloween party to be extra festive, candy corn combined with alcohol could be just the thing you’re missing in your life.

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