Candy corn popcorn is now a thing, and here’s where to find it

It may still be the season for pumpkin spice everything — we’re talking butter, cough drops and even makeup  but once the calendar changes to October, it’s also time for something even sweeter … candy! While you’re hopefully not going to find Sour Patch Kids cough drops (or maybe I do want that?), don’t be surprised if you find some goodies flavored like your favorite candies.

That includes the Halloween staple candy corn. Combining the sweet flavor of candy corn with the crunch and light butterscotch taste of caramel popcorn, you can now buy candy corn popcorn at Trader Joe’s.

Available at $1.99 for a 5-ounce bag, the grocery chain explained the chewy kernels are coated in a candy corn shell and are sure to bring back nostalgic memories of childhood.

This limited edition treat sounds perfect for Halloween parties, snacking while handing out candy to neighborhood ghosts and goblins or for all that “Hocus Pocus” binge-watching you’ll undoubtedly be doing for the rest of the month.


Not a fan of candy corn? No worries! Instagram user bkupniewski, who tried the snack, wrote, “For those who are not candy corn fans, you should not write these off. The flavoring is noted in the aftertaste, but not strong enough for die-hard candy corn fans.”

Other reviews seem to be good so far, too, with Instagram user junkfoodfoodies writing it’s “like kettle corn, but better.”

Still not persuaded? You can always try Trader Joe’s new birthday cake popcorn instead, which is also $1.99 for a 5-ounce bag.

Will you be heading to Trader Joe’s so you can try some new popcorn treats?