Attention: Moscow Mules now come in a can

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Do you love Moscow Mules? If so, there’s a new product on the market which will quickly become your favorite new canned drink, especially in this coming summer months.

Moscow Mules are already a perfect summertime drink. This classic cocktail is made with vodka, lime juice, ginger beer and is often accompanied with a slice of lime. It’s fresh, light, citrusy and just a tad spicy. OK, I’m not going to lie, that actually sounds amazing right now.

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Traditionally, Moscow Mules have been served in copper mugs, not only because the metal helps to keep the libation extra cool but because the oxidation which occurs inside the copper mug is said to bring out the flavor of the vodka.

And although the copper mug is an attractive and traditional part of the Moscow Mule, it also makes the cocktail somewhat of a chore to make, particularly when it comes to procuring, cleaning and taking care of your copper mugs. Copper mugs can easily become tarnished if they are not cleaned and stored properly.

That’s why we are loving this new product from Mule 2.0: Moscow Mules in a can! Yes, from now on when you are craving a cool Moscow Mule, all you have to do is reach in the fridge and pop open a can.

Mule 2.0’s canned Moscow Mule was created by Lisa Marlow, a geologist who was a major enthusiast of the beloved cocktail. However, she found that it was hard to get the perfect Moscow Mule when she was away from her own home bar, so Marlow decided to create a product which would ensure that a person could enjoy a perfectly prepared Moscow Mule no matter where they were.

With natural ginger and lemon-lime flavors, as well as grain-neutral spirits (meaning that the taste is meant to please both gin and vodka fans), Mule 2.0 claims to be the perfect drink for your next tailgate, pool party or after-work cocktail.

You can either pour the Mule 2.0 in a copper mug over ice, or you can simply drink it straight from the can, as the company says its can was designed to mimic the copper properties of the traditional mug. An online map shows a comprehensive guide of the locations that sell Mule 2.0.

But Mule 2.0 isn’t the only brand that sells canned Moscow Mules. A Denver-based brand called Punching Mule claims it has the original canned version of the cocktail. Punching Mule’s version is made with vodka and comes in a can that would be hard to ignore if you saw it in a liquor store!

California-based Salt Point also makes a canned Moscow Mule, as do several other companies. If you search around, you can likely find at least one brand sold near you. Or you could just stick to making a Moscow Mule the old-fashioned way!

What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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