You can’t un-see this hairy chest bathing suit

You know those silly t-shirts that have a picture of a svelte female body in a bikini on them? People sometimes where them as cover-ups. Here’s one from Wal-Mart.


Well, there’s a similar product that is taking the internet by storm this summer. This one is a women’s bathing suit, but it’s designed to look like man’s hairy chest! Unless you’ve stayed off social media this week, you’ve likely seen photos of the notorious hairy chest swimsuit that’s been showing up all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. (If not, keep scrolling!)

This unexpected internet summer hit, the Sexy Tan Chest One Piece Swimsuit (also in dark and natural), is available through Beloved for just $49.95 (what a bargain?!).


But the standalone image of the swimsuit, which features a bare male chest covered in dark hair from neck to torso (and on the back), is not nearly as shocking as the photos of female models and real women actually wearing this outrageous swimsuit. Here’s a model in the suit on the company’s Instagram account:

The funniest is this video of a mom trying on the suit and then showing it to her children. The hilarious mom models the shocking bathing suit—much to the horror of her kids (her son actually screams as she enters a room wearing the swimsuit!). Definitely LOL-worthy! Take a look:

Beloved also sells lots of other fun women’s suits, including one covered in the human musculoskeletal system, and another with strategically placed pepperoni pizza slices. All women’s swimsuits are available in sizes XS to XXL.


But if you decide the “sexy chest” one-piece bathing suit is your must-have look for the summer—or maybe want to buy one as a gag gift for a bridesmaid or to scare your spouse and children inside the safe confines of your own home—you might want to consider purchasing two because Beloved offers free shipping on orders over $75!

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