Caramel Apple Grapes Might Just Be The Most Perfect Snack

If you’re looking for a quick, sweet treat that won’t ruin dinner for the kiddos or blow mom and dad’s diets, this could be the best snack for your family! Caramel “apple” grapes are inspired by caramel apples, of course, but are much tinier and easier to eat.

Because of their small, easy-to-transport size and their caramel apple-esque flavor, these make for a great low-hassle pick-me-up. Whether you sneak these in before the workday ends to help curb your appetite or serve them to hungry kids before soccer practice, there’s no wrong way to enjoy them!

The recipe from Belly Full shows just how simple caramel-covered grapes are to make. You’ll need grapes, caramel bits and heavy cream to recreate the caramel apple flavor. Feel free to add fun toppings such as crushed nuts or chocolate pieces for additional crunch and yum factor.

Start by melting the caramel bits and cream together. While the mixture is still warm, dunk grapes in caramel and roll in nuts or toppings, if you’re using them. You can pierce grapes with a toothpick or lollipop stick to make this process less messy and get bonus presentation points, but you don’t need them for a delicious outcome:

How adorable are they?

A version of this recipe from Busy Mommy makes the process of melting the caramel even easier by starting with caramel dip in place of firm caramel bits. So, instead of heating caramel and cream together on the stovetop, you just pop the caramel dip in the microwave until it’s nice and warm.

The recipe suggests adding a couple of tablespoons of sour cream to make the caramel extra creamy. Then it’s time to dip the grapes and coat with nuts or desired toppings:

The grape-dunking fun doesn’t have to stop there, either. If you’re looking for a grape-covered treat that’s even more dessert-like, you can also try this recipe for caramel apple pie grape poppers from Candiquik blog.

This recipe calls for grapes, caramels and Candiquik vanilla coating, along with graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon for topping.

Once you’ve melted the caramel and coated the grapes in it, you’ll place them in the refrigerator to let the caramel set. Afterward, dip each grape into the melted vanilla and coat with the graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon. Let harden and enjoy:

Who knew treating grapes like apples could yield such incredible results?

Happy snacking, folks!


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