This trick will make eating a caramel apple so much easier

Caramel Apple
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It’s not even Labor Day but a lot of people already have fall on the brain.

From pumpkin spice lattes to cozy crockpot recipes, it’s not too soon to prepare for cooler temperatures. One favorite treat during the autumn months is caramel apples. After all, the goodies are beloved by kids and adults alike.

If you’re looking to up your snack game this autumn, check out this simple trick that makes caramel apples even better.

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Budget 101 recommends using slices instead of whole apples to make the sweet treat. The process is similar to the way you make regular caramel apples, but you cut it into slices first. Blot each slice with a paper towel to remove excess juice, dip it into powdered sugar to make the coating stick and then dip in caramel. Voila!

Commenters on the Budget 101 Facebook post thought this caramel apple hack was pretty genius.

“I like this idea, more manageable,” read one comment. Using slices makes it easier to bite into, and you’ll also save some cash by potentially using fewer apples.

“That makes sense. It’s easier to eat + there is a better ratio of chocolate to apple flavor,” noted another.

It certainly does seem like kids could find these slices easier to eat.

This trick also works well for melted chocolate or other dipping sauces. While plain caramel apples are a classic, you can make them unique with the toppings you use.

For a colorful twist on the standard, roll it in Fruity Pebbles.

If you want to pack in as much fall flavor as possible, try this pumpkin spice latte caramel apple.

Another delicious fall snack is the campfire favorite s’mores. Why not combine the two for a super-indulgent treat?

For a super-spooky looking edition to your Halloween party, try these poison apples. Don’t worry, they’re totally safe to eat.

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All of these caramel apple recipes can be made with either whole apples or slices. It’s up to you!



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