Celine Dion’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden was as epic as you might imagine

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Every time James Corden releases a new segment of “Carpool Karaoke,” it feels so epic you don’t think it can ever be topped. He’s car-danced with Pink. He’s had a star-studded Broadway singalong with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Krakowski and Audra McDonald.

And his session with Paul McCartney legit made me cry.

But on Monday, May 20, Celine Dion joined Corden in his car as he drove around Las Vegas, and if there’s anyone who can make anything epic, it’s her.

Things got silly pretty quickly. During some initial small talk, Dion peppered the conversation with snippets of her songs (and other people’s!), proving that she knows a song for any possible moment.

They eventually got into it, harmonizing on songs like “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” and “I Drove All Night.”

These songs catapulted me back in time to my teen years, a time when I would lock myself in my bedroom and use my hairbrush as a microphone, pretending I was a powerhouse singer performing for my entire high school class.

And who wouldn’t want to be Celine Dion?

She can make any song sound dramatic, as she proved when Corden challenged her to sing “Baby Shark.”

Her version was electrifying. It starts at about 4:30 in the video if you want to fast forward to it … although we don’t know why you would want to, as the entire episode is incredible.

“That is an incredible version of ‘Baby Shark’ that I don’t think anyone will ever forget,” said Corden.

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They wrapped everything up with a very special rendition of “My Heart Will Go On,” from the “Titanic” soundtrack.

“There’s something wrong with this,” says Corden when they first start singing the popular hit.

“There’s something not quite right. It doesn’t feel big enough, you know?”

“I think I’ve got an idea,” says Dion. “Follow me.”

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Which is how they ended up in that famous pose from the 1997 film — Corden standing behind Dion with his arms outstretched while aboard a tiny white replica boat of the Titanic.

As they sailed across the Fountains of Bellagio in front of the Bellagio Las Vegas, the water leaping dramatically behind them, a crowd of tourists look on — some excited, some bemused and some really getting into it.


The duo even dressed as Leo and Kate, with Corden sporting DiCaprio’s floppy hair and Dion wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace.

At the end, she dropped it into the water.

Here’s James Corden on Twitter, saying briefly how great the experience was:

Dion has been based in Las Vegas since 2011, where she performs regular shows at Caesars Palace.

Her residency ends on June 8 and she will embark on a world tour in September.

We can’t get over how amazing she continues to be.

Take a look at the two of them belting out some of Dion’s greatest hits:

How is Corden going to top this one?