Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds’ Joint Headstone Is Finally Revealed

It’s only been a few short, painful months since Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher passed away within a day of each other at the end of 2016. Now, their joint headstone has been revealed, and it’s gorgeous.

The headstone is located in Los Angeles, where they both lived (next door to each other) and it is a lasting testimony to their incredible mother-daughter bond. Actually, one can hardly call it a headstone, as it’s actually a massive marble memorial sculpture.

The sculpture features a mother and daughter holding hands. The only words on the sculpture are the women’s names and the dates of their respective lives. The memorial was unveiled this past weekend at Hollywood’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Many have already come to pay their respects to the iconic mother-daughter duo.

The women were remembered at a public memorial last month at Forest Lawn, which was organized by Reynolds’ son (and Carrie’s brother), Todd Fisher.

“When Carrie died, my mother decided to change her plans a bit. My mother always said to me, ‘I never want to go to my daughter’s funeral service. I would like to be buried with Carrie,'” Todd said in a speech at the service. “I didn’t know she was going to leave us that very next day and when she looked at me to ask permission to leave, she said she wanted to be with Carrie, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was a beautiful exit.”

carrie fisher debbie reynolds photo
Getty Images | Shaun Heasley

Per Carrie Fisher’s wishes, she was cremated after her death. Some of her ashes were allocated to an urn in the shape of a massive Prozac pill and laid next to her mother.

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Fisher passed away on December 27, 2016, at only 60 years old, after having a heart attack on an 11-hour flight from London to Los Angeles. Reynolds died just the next day at age 84 from an apparent stroke.