Carrie Underwood Shares The First Clear Photo Of Her Face Since Her Fall

Carrie Underwood is woman of mystery! The country superstar shared the most clear photo of her face since taking a bad fall outside her home in November of 2017. But that’s not all  is that a music studio she’s in?

Underwood has stayed mostly private about the tumble, which caused her extensive injuries. In January, she revealed to members of her fan club that she had surgery for a broken wrist and that the injuries to her face required 40 to 50 stitches! The “American Idol” alum let fans know that when she did show her face again, she might not look quite the same. 

In the new pic Underwood shared April 4 on Instagram, the songstress looks hard at work. There are no clear signs of any injuries in the black and white photo that shows off just half of her gorgeous face.

Underwood posted the photo without a caption, prompting fans to guess about both her recovery and her music. Underwood’s latest single “The Champion” premiered during the Super Bowl LII kickoff show — a sort of anthem for overcoming adversity. Was the song inspired by her accident? We’re not really sure. 

We do know Underwood’s face is mostly hidden behind the microphone in the music video for “The Champion” which was released in March 2018. There are only a few quick shots of the songstress’ face:

For the past several months, Underwood really has stayed out of the public eye while she has healed. Remember this snapshot of Underwood’s dazzling hazel eyes? She covered the rest of her face with a hat and scarf back in December:

She was not afraid to share an X-ray of the “old wrist” with some serious metal following her surgery. Ouch!

By February, Underwood revealed more of her face, partially covered with a giant red “X” in support of the END IT Movement to shed light on modern day slavery:

Underwood also posted photos of her working out alongside her son. He’s an adorable workout buddy — but still, she didn’t reveal her face:

And, finally, here’s the photo she shared on April 4:

More than anything, fans want Underwood to feel good as new! Our favorite “All-American Girl” is scheduled to be at the CMA Fest in Nashville on June 8 according to her official website. It’s the first time we’ll see her perform publicly since hosting the CMA Awards right before her fall. 

We can’t wait to see her  and hear her!

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See more of Carrie’s recovery journey here: