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Watch Carrie Underwood Singing With Her Son In The Car [Video]

This is absolutely adorable.

Underwood is married to Mike Fisher, a NHL hockey player, and their son, Isaiah, turns two on Feb. 27. Despite her busy schedule, Underwood seems to be very family-oriented.

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher photo
Getty Images | Erika Goldring

One glimpse at her Instagram and you’ll see Isaiah playing with their dog, Underwood drinking wine while wearing a face mask on the couch and out on the town enjoying date night with her husband.

I imagine that you can expect to see more of the same from the mom and wife while she takes a break to wait for inspiration to strike.

There’s no way that having fun and singing tunes her son won’t inspire her next song, so this definitely won’t be the last you see of Underwood. And maybe her son will turn out to be a singer, too? Although, she seems to think he takes after his father in that respect.

“I’m pretty sure he’s going to play some hockey at some point in his life,” she told People. “He’s about to turn 2 and we’ll see what happens after that! You never know. It’s up to the good lord.”

[h/t: Today]