Carrie Underwood shows off her cute workout partners in these Instagram photos

Finding time to squeeze in a gym trip is next to impossible, especially for busy moms. Leave it to Carrie Underwood to inspire moms everywhere with arguably the most adorable workout photos.

The country singer shared photos on Instagram of her latest workout—but these weren’t any ordinary mirror selfies. Instead, she snapped her whole family in action. This time, Underwood’s training regimen included her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, and their son, Isaiah.

Fit Family

Underwood said the inclusion of her boys made the workout “a bit less productive” but admitted it was more fun!

Isaiah is only 2 years old but seems to have no trouble keeping up with his fit parents. As you can see in the shot above, the little guy did some squats with mom and even used a resistance band with impeccable form.

A video showed Underwood and Isaiah doing some yoga together.

Another photo showed Fisher doing push-ups, with Isaiah mimicking the move nearby. Fisher recently announced he will return to the Nashville Predators after a brief retirement from hockey. Perhaps the whole family is helping him with pre-season conditioning to get him back into tip-top shape.

The pictures show just a snippet of Underwood’s routine and are the first fitness photos she’s shared since she took a nasty tumble last fall. The family fitness routine is proof she she seems to be recovering well.

Underwood’s workouts keep her famously toned legs in performance shape. Last summer, she showed off her sleek physique in a bikini from her Calia By Carrie line.

Work Out Like Carrie

Even if you’re not taking center stage, you can try lower-body moves from Underwood’s trainer, Erin Oprea. One move Underwood practices is called Skater Hops, which requires no equipment.

Just squat down with weight on your right foot and left leg lifted behind. Then, jump to the left and land on your left leg with your right leg bent behind you. Keep your foot hovering off the ground. Pause for a moment before jumping back to the starting position. Repeat the motion, jumping back and forth for one minute. Here’s an example of how to do them.

This heart-pumping move is something everyone in the family can try together. Do you include your kids in your fitness routine?