This carrot cake recipe won a taste test against Buckingham Palace’s recipe for the Queen

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A cake fit for a queen sounds pretty perfect. But if you ask the editors at Southern Living magazine, they have a carrot cake recipe that is even more royally delicious than the cake that is actually served at Buckingham Palace.

“Truly our best-ever carrot cake recipe, make this classic favorite for a crowd and you might not have any leftovers to bring home,” the magazine wrote as it introduced its carrot cake recipe. “We even tested our recipe against the Queen of England’s carrot cake, and the Southern version won by a landslide.”

How do they differ, and why is Southern Living’s better? The magazine tried out Buckingham Palace’s exact recipe for the carrot cake it serves at the palace.

Here’s a video with staffer Ivy Odom showing both cakes, with a taste test comparison toward the end of the video.

The queen’s cake includes grated coconut and shredded carrots as key ingredients plus nutmeg and cinnamon. It also has only one layer of lemon-flavored cream cheese frosting on top.

In true Southern fashion, the Southern Living cake adds pecans and crushed pineapple to its carrot cake, does not include nutmeg, and has three layers with a buttermilk glaze between layers.

Odom says the decadent buttermilk glaze takes the Southern Living carrot cake over the top.

However, she also appreciated the more minimal frosting on the queen’s carrot cake, which has a tang from the lemon in the cream cheese frosting. Odom also liked the chewy texture of the shredded carrots and coconut in the queen’s carrot cake.

Here’s a video on how Southern Living makes their carrot cake.

“This is the carrot cake that they need to be serving the queen,” Odom declares in comparing the cakes.

She gives the Buckingham Palace cake a 9 out of 10 but still says “The Best Ever Carrot Cake” from her magazine is deserving of the crown. Are the staffers favoring their own cake, though? Well, the recipe only has six reviews, but they’re all stellar: all six reviewers gave the cake five stars.

Which cake would receive your royal nod of approval?

[H/t: Southern Living]

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