Philadelphia Eagles’ Injured Quarterback Carson Wentz Got Engaged After The Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz and his teammates (and even one of his former teammates) will be getting Super Bowl rings later this year after they defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Wentz wasn’t done winning, as it turns out. But this ring he will be sharing with a different kind of teammate.

The 25-year-old quarterback revealed on his social media accounts that he proposed to his girlfriend, Madison Oberg, on Tuesday. Spoiler alert, it had a happy ending:

“She said YES!” Wentz wrote on the post. “And now Maddie and I both got us a ring. Can’t wait to marry my best friend! God is doing some amazing things and I can’t thank him enough!”

Wentz also posted about the engagement on Twitter, complete with more pictures of the romantic candle-lit castle scene and the type of gigantic ring you can buy on a professional athlete’s salary.

This marriage proposal caps what has been a crazy season for Wentz. After struggling at times during his rookie year, Wentz led the Eagles to the best record in football during the regular season and was an MVP candidate before a knee injury late in the year ended his season.

Wentz underwent surgery but was able to watch his backup lead the Eagles through the playoffs — while also looking way cooler walking with a cane than anyone has the right to be.

While it’s a happy moment for Wentz and Oberg, there is a segment of the internet that might be disappointed, as the engagement conclusively ends speculation that Wentz is actually Prince Harry living a second life as a football player.

But now that both Wentz and Prince Harry are engaged, maybe they could have a joint wedding? It would be a nice moment, up until the universe collapsed on itself.

[H/t People]