Carving Pineapples For Halloween Is The Fun New Trend You’ll Love

Who says carved pineapples for Halloween can't be spooky?

When fall comes around, there are a few major holidays that come to mind. The top three for some are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Halloween doesn’t always get the same love as the other two, but for the people that do love the holiday, October is their favorite time of year.

For months, Halloween-lovers have been thinking of costume ideas and the best decorations for their Halloween party while drinking gallons of apple cider and deciding which scary movies to watch this year.

Once the costumes are ordered, it’s time to find the perfect pumpkin for carving. Every Halloween, carved pumpkins emerge on doorsteps and no one ever questions why other objects aren’t used to carve ghoulish faces illuminated by candles or lights.

But this year, why not try a pineapple in place of a pumpkin?


I’m not sure who was the originator for pineapple carvings but when you think about it, this idea is genius.

Without a doubt, pumpkin-picking is a fun activity for the whole family and usually totally Instagram-worthy, as @daniellejo18 shows:

But why a pineapple? The first and most obvious reason is: They are adorable! If you want to add a hip, tropical flair to your Halloween, look no further. Pineapples are also easy to find in most grocery stores, and they generally have flat bottoms. which make them easier for standing up on your porch. And you can be just as creative as you are with a pumpkin. Instagrammer @moderntikilounge decided to skip making a face and go for a pattern instead:

Pineapples are also the perfect size. And while you’re at it, why not give the pineapple some friends.

This year, why not try carving a watermelon? The trick with fruit is it’s likely to rot much faster than a pumpkin would, so you may want to save the carving until a day or two before Halloween — especially if you live in a warm climate.


The true benefit of the pineapple vs. pumpkin debate, however, is the delicious factor. After all, not everyone loves pumpkin seeds, but how delicious is fresh-cut pineapple?

As you carve the pineapple, eat all the pieces that have to be taken out. And as shows, you can’t even have to wait for Halloween:

If you can’t decide on which side you stand on in the pineapple vs. pumpkin debate, you can always have both and start a new trend. Here’s to a fun and dare I say, fruitful, Halloween.

[h/t Hello Giggles]