This Case Turns Your Phone Into an Underwater Camera For Under $100

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An underwater camera is expensive. If you’re really into photography, you can expect to pay hundreds–or even thousands–of dollars for a rig that will capture whatever your heart desires underneath the surface.

But these setups are often bulky, and if something leaks you are in serious trouble. For the amateur, there’s the GoPro: famous for its toughness and perfect for snapping shots above and below the water. But that will still run you hundreds of dollars just for the camera, plus extra for a waterproof case.

But now there’s a new alternative–it fits right over your phone, costs under $100 and you can even take it scuba diving. It’s called the ProShotCase, and I’m buying one immediately.

It turns out the inventor, Andrew Laird, wanted to buy an expensive underwater camera about as much as I do…which is to say not at all. Who has that kind of cash? So the ProShotCase was invented, making underwater photography and videography more accessible to everyone. It even connects to an app!

The case comes in two options, the ProShotTouch, which costs $99 and is waterproof up to 50 feet, and the ProShotDive, which costs $119 and is waterproof up to 130 feet. You can buy them both on Amazon. Both are available only for iPhones and not Androids at the moment.

If the thought of taking your very expensive phone underwater makes you nervous, don’t be. ProShotCase has a rigorous warranty and guarantee policy that offers a one-year manufacturing warranty for any defective parts and guarantees the replacement of your iPhone if it gets damaged by water leakage.

An additional bonus is that the case is easy to care for. ProShotCase recommends that you rinse the case after every use and keep it out of direct sunlight, which can damage the plastic. Additionally, they recommend using a silicon oil (Vaseline or any oil-based lotion will also work) to lubricate the gasket on the case and keep it flexible.

You can watch a video of the underwater camera in action below. I can’t speak for you, but this seems like the perfect addition to a vacation if you ask me.

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