Cashier’s kindness towards elderly customer goes viral

Here’s a story that will warm your heart and renew your faith in humanity. And it’s definitely a must-read as holiday shopping season is starting in earnest. It serves as a powerful reminder that there are more important things than impatiently rushing through a checkout counter.

It comes to us from a Mississippi Walmart, where a busy line of shoppers suddenly became backed up at a cash register. The reason?

An elderly man realized he did not have enough cash to pay for his items. Instead, he had to resort to counting the change in his pockets. There was just one problem with that: he was nervous and embarrassed about his situation, and his hands couldn’t stop shaking. This made it difficult for him to count his change properly, and he couldn’t stop apologizing for holding up the line.

That’s when the Walmart cashier came to his aid. Check out fellow shopper Spring Herbison Bowlin’s Facebook post about happened next:

How sweet. I love this story! Not only because the cashier was so kind and sweet to this elderly man, but because the shoppers such as Spring were patient enough to see the beauty and grace in the act, rather than simply get annoyed that they had to wait a little longer in line.

We have a tendency to get exasperated with seniors or older relatives who need extra time to complete tasks, especially when we are trying to rush through the store on our lunch break. But, as this cashier reminded her shoppers, we are all in this together. Treating someone with dignity and compassion is worth the couple of extra minutes it takes.

So, the next time you find yourself getting irritated with a slow shopper at the checkout counter, keep this story in mind. You never know when you might need a little extra patience from the people around you. So let’s all treat others with the same kindness we would like to receive someday when we are older.

h/t: People