Casual, meet country: Crocs unveils its new cowboy boots

crocs cowboy boots

Ever looked at a cowboy boot and thought, “That speaks to my rough-around-the-edges, country-western sensibilities. But man, I wish it kept my toes comfy”? If so, your prayers have been answered. The makers of the defiantly casual Croc shoes are celebrating their own special holiday of Croctober with the release of a new cowboy boot — or at least, their version of it.

These embroidered boots look fairly traditional from a distance, but get up close and you’ll see the tell-tale toe ventilation that has earned Crocs a legion of fans (and let’s be honest, more than a few haters). The most hilarious touch is on the back, where you can see an “authentic” cowboy spur attached to the back of the iconic heel strap. (It actually spins!) And of course, you’ll be able to stroll around the ranch in comfort thanks to the signature foam sole.

“Comfy” has always been part of the Crocs brand. Their ventilated, slip-on shoes were just perfect for lounging around the house during the  pandemic years. But stylish?

crocs cowboy boots

$120 at

Actually, Crocs have been so defiantly un-stylish over the years that they’re kind of cool again. If you needed proof that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, these boots are the perfect example. They’re not the first oddball “collector” Croc to be released, though. The company has released limited edition collaborations with superfans Post Malone and Justin Beiber over the years. And last year, Croc lovers of means saw the product of their latest team-up with luxury brand Balenciaga: a pair of high-heeled Crocs that retailed for $625.

As for the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot, you’ll be able to buy it for $120 on and at select retail stores starting on Oct. 23. That date is the culmination of a month-long “Croctober” celebration, which the company typically commemorates with a special-edition shoe or two. This year, you can even use an AR app on to view a special “Crocstellation” in the night sky.

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