Cat Furniture Exists For People Who REALLY Love Their Pets

There’s nothing we won’t do for our pets, and this cat furniture only proves that statement to be true.

You heard me, furniture for cats. The Woodworking Tips Facebook page points out that these pieces were specifically designed with cats in mind, and I’m not talking about your typical scratch post here, either. No, these are actual pieces of furniture designed for our four-legged friends.

Some of these are multi-purpose, and can be used by both humans and felines. For instance, did you know that a side table can hold your lamp and double as a safe resting place for your pet? Because it definitely can.

This will take your cat’s lounging to the next level.

custom cat furniture bed design 2
Sweet Lusitania Blog

This is a desk and a play place all in one. Now, your cat can play while you work. I’m sure your furry friend wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bored Panda

This is a storage solution and a kitty palace.

Woodworking Tips Facebook

The Modernist Cat Etsy shop designs pieces that provide storage and things that cats will appreciate, this scratchboard centerpiece, for example.


This is a chair that both you and your feline companion can enjoy.

Woodworking Tips Facebook

You can add this handy side table to your home courtesy of The9Life Etsy shop. Store your cat and more!


You need to add these to your home, stat, you cat lover, you!

[h/t: Woodworking Tips]