Instagram Is In Love With This Cat With A Heart-Shaped Marking On Her Chest

The owners of two cats, Zoë and Izzy, with whom the internet is completely enamored, only intended to adopt one of these kitties. But, when they set out to adopt Izzy, they found out that she had a sister Zoë, who just so happened to have the most adorable heart-shaped marking on her chest. The owners say they instantly fell in love with Zoë and couldn’t bring themselves to separate the sisters—and it’s a good thing they didn’t, because the feline pair is now totally inseparable.

Zoë’s patch of heart-shaped fur is a huge part of the reason why these two kitties have gained such a following. Zoë and Izzy have their very own Instagram account, which is up to 106,000 followers at the time of publication. Because yes, not just their owners but basically the entire internet is head over heels for these two.

Perhaps the best part of their Instagram account is that you can really tell a lot about each of their personalities.

“Izzy is fearless and adventurous, while Zoë is more cautious, yet extremely curious. Both kitties are very affectionate, towards their humans and each other,” according to the article the cats’ owners published on Bored Panda. We’d definitely say that this comes across in the photographs, as well.

There is so much more than Zoë’s heart marking that makes these two sisters pretty hard to resist. We love the fact that they pal around everywhere they go. Their friendship is evident, and that really is the cutest part of all.

Scroll through their Instagram to see for yourself. But, fair warning: This could dominate the rest of your afternoon. Because once you see these two—it’ll be hard to look away.