This Hilarious Video Shows A Cat Interrupting A Super Serious Interview

He wanted some attention right MEOW.

Cat owners spend most of their lives trying to get their cats to show them affection, or even acknowledge their existence. So of course, when one man least wanted it, his cat decided it was time to get cuddly.

Polish historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalski was giving an interview with a Dutch TV show “Nieuwsuur” at his home when his tabby, Lisio, decided he wanted some attention. And so, in the middle of the interview, Lisio clambers up Targalski, who could only ask his interviewer “We tolerate this?” as the cat proceeded to treat him like a personal jungle gym.

Thankfully, “Nieuwsuur” reporter Rudy Bouma posted the video to Twitter:

This particular clip never made it into the final cut, but the internet quickly fell in love with Lisio. The video has been retweeted more than 14,000 times, and most people are stuck between being jealous of the love between Targalski and his cat and just wanting the cat to get his own show.

Because I would totally just watch a night show called “News Anchors Read Stories While Cats Climb All Over Them.”

(Oh, and here is the final, cat-free version of the show if you want it. Though I doubt geopolitics was the reason you clicked on this article.)

Of course, there are also people who think Lusio is diabolical. After all, notice how his tail just happens to exactly block out Targalski’s eyes.

This isn’t the first time Lusio has crashed an interview. Here he is along with one of Targalski’s other cats in an interview with a Polish TV station. Clearly these felines love being on TV. Maybe Targalski should consider a catio before his next TV gig to keep his scene-stealing cats occupied?

Of course, this is the risk you take when you do interviews from home. We all remember the guy whose little kids interrupted his BBC interview as his wife tried desperately to corral them.

[H/t Washintgon Post]