This Cat Just Set The Guinness World Record For The Longest Tail

The 2018 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records has been released, and as always, it has some pretty incredible feats on record.

Some of the world records took hard work and perseverance to achieve, while others are simply the result of Mother Nature. Take, for example, Cygnus, a cat from Ferndale, Michigan, who snagged the title of “domestic cat with the longest tail.”

The Silver Maine Coon’s tail measures a staggering 17 inches long, and it looks like it would make a great mop for your floors.

Check out this picture of the fluffy feline posted on Instagram:

What’s even more shocking than the impressive length of Cygnus’ tail is that he lives with another cat who is also a Guinness World Record holder!

Yep, Lauren and Will Powers are the proud fur parents of both Cygnus and Arcturus, a two-year-old Savannah cat that has been confirmed as the world’s “tallest domestic cat” at 48.4 cm or just over 19 inches.

As can be seen in the photo below, Arcturus is tall enough to stand on his hind legs and reach the kitchen counter for a snack:

Guinness World Records

Both cats’ unique features pose some distinct challenges for their owners. The Powers have installed a medium-sized dog door for Arcturus to pass in and out of, and they say they have to be extra-careful when closing doors around the house so they don’t accidentally trap Cygnus’ tail.

The couple also says the two cats are the best of friends, constantly chasing each other and even cuddling up to sleep together at night. Check out the adorable video below of the cats together in action:

Together, the Powers run the Ferndale Cat Shelter, and they say they applied for the Guinness World Records to draw attention to the charity, which provides medical care, adoption services, foster homes and trap-neuter-release programs for cats throughout the Ferndale and the greater Metro Detroit areas.

“This money has been directly used to provide food, shelter, and good homes to stray and abandoned cats from Detroit and its suburbs. The pair will continue to do this charity work, but now with official titles! Arcturus and Cygnus now can use their fame to help their peers live better, healthier, and longer lives,” the couple said in a press release.

Congratulations on the (very long) honor!


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