Man built swanky, custom apartment towers for his cats

Kitty Towers by RACoutu/Facebook

Who says house cats can’t have just as many adventures as outdoor cats? All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of effort. Just ask Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut.

This creative kitty owner used his free time over the past year to build some incredible kitty towers that have taken the online cat community by storm. Lest you think this was an example of self-quarantining made handy, Coutu started the project in May 2019.

Coutu’s Savannah cat, Zach, “had the desire for a tall structure.” So his human designed him one, then went on to build it for him. He has posted some amazing images of the finished product on his dedicated Facebook page, Kitty Towers by RACoutu.

Unfortunately, Zach liked his new hangout so much that he apparently has taken complete ownership of the towers, keeping his feline sibling from enjoying them.

“I started this page to showcase the project I did for the love of my two cats,” Coutu wrote on Facebook.” Although my Savannah cat became possessive of both of them and won’t let the other one use them, but at least he uses them all day long.”

The photos on Coutu’s Facebook page show the entire process, from the beginning of the build, showing “Zach Tower” as a simple, wooden skeleton  …

… to the first coat of paint being applied …

… to the incredible finished project. It features not one but two “apartment” towers, complete with an adjoining bridge!

The master builder spared nothing on the little details. There’s even a portico at the base of the tower with a working LED light, and flowers planted inside tiny window boxes. The only thing missing seems to be a working toilet, or at least a tiny bathroom fitted with a litter box.

These cats have a swankier place to live than most people!

In case you wondered how he pulled off such fine detailing, Coutu revealed on Facebook that the window boxes were 3D printed out of plastic.

The bridge, which can apparently hold 75 pounds and was designed so the cats’ nails do not get stuck on it, was one of the final touches. You can watch Zach trying to bridge out for himself in a video Coutu filmed for his Facebook page.

Coutu has a long line of cat-lovers keen to get their hands on his creations, but he says he’s not quite at the stage of mass production or custom-building for other people.

“I am considering making them for people as a custom install, once I have sorted out all the legal stuff,” he wrote on Facebook. He added that he would offer custom designs “at additional costs for both build and blueprints.”

“You should become the cat castle KING for sure!!!” wrote one Facebook fan, while many people asked Coutu to add them to a wait list of interested buyers. In the meantime, Coutu’s two furry friends are probably the luckiest cats in the world.

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