This robotic cat pillow will to help you reduce stress and anxiety

There’s no question that having a pet around can enrich your life. After a long day, when your cat or dog comes up to you and wants to snuggle, it can make everything just a little bit better.

It’s even been proven that having a pet is good for you mental and physical health. But what if you’re at a place in your life when owning a pet just isn’t practical?

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If you know you don’t have the time or energy to devote to a pet, the responsible thing to do would be to wait until the time was right to bring a creature that depended upon you into your home.

But what if you still want some of the companionship and comfort that comes with owning a pet, without all of the actual responsibility? Enter the Quoobo Pet Robot.


This cat isn’t real, and it doesn’t even have a head. Instead, it’s a furry robot with a tail that responds to your touch. That’s right. When you pet this “cat,” its tail will wag in response.


Although the idea of a headless cat is a bit different, the rest of it sounds pretty good! Check out the Quoobo in action in the video below:

All of the cuddles, none of the feeding, litter box cleaning, vet visits and more that come with owning a real cat.


If this inventive product sounds like your dream come true, unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on one just yet. However, you can preorder one, and it’s expected to be delivered this coming fall.


The Quoobo comes in two colors and costs $92. Created by Yukai Engineering, the product was financed through a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Although I’m still a bit bothered by the whole headless thing, I have to say these seem pretty cool! What do you think? Would you give the Quoobo a try, or do you prefer your felines to be the real deal?

[h/t: People]