This cat has his own tiny bedroom with a TV for watching bird videos

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Warning: If you’re reading this story with your cat nearby, you might want to hide the screen from their view. Otherwise, you’ll probably be in for some DIY work around your own house.

While most cats are happy to relax on a soft spot of carpet that gets a little sunlight, one lucky kitty now has the ultimate place to unwind.

Wyatt, a handsome tuxedo cat, can stretch out in his own tiny bedroom and watch a little TV when things get too stressful, thanks to a human who’s not afraid to go the extra mile. His owner, who goes by the name @CinnamonBear9 on Twitter, recently shared some photos of Wyatt’s bachelor pad online and they went viral.

You’ll understand why when you see them.

As you can see from the second photo in the series above, Wyatt’s room was built inside a small cubby in a bedroom that otherwise would’ve only been good for a small amount of storage. Instead, they turned it into a sanctuary that takes “creature comforts” to a whole other level.

In the tweet, which has been liked more than 55,000 times so far, @CinnamonBear9 wrote that Wyatt goes in there to snooze and watch bird videos on YouTube. A couple of the photos show him doing just that, lying on his tiny bed ā€” which has a woodsy bedspread and a cat-covered pillow ā€” staring at the tablet that was placed so thoughtfully inside a protective case mounted on the wall.

A second post shows how important it was to keep the small TV protected, as Wyatt takes a playful swipe at the screen when a bird is shown.

From the little balls of yarn to the tiny fish mounted on the wall, Wyatt’s companion thought of every detail that would make a feline feel at home.

You can see a complete tour of the room in this video on Wyatt’s very own TikTok page.


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This kitty has it made!

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