This heroic dog saved a cat who was stuck in a storm drain

We all think our dogs are amazing, but this rescue dog named Aaron proved he really is incredible after he found a missing cat in his neighborhood.

Aaron’s owner, Cynthia Kingdon, had taken her pup out for a walk in Auburn, Massachusetts, when he suddenly stopped and became insistent on looking down into a storm drain. It’s a good thing he followed his curiosity, too, because in this case, it saved a life!

Kingdon stopped to look down into the storm drain since Aaron would not leave it and found that they were staring down at a cat. The feline was stuck about 10 feet down into the drain, with no way of getting out.

So Kingdon called the police and eventually, the animal control team and the sewer department were able to open the storm drain and lift the cat to safety.

While they’d been waiting for help to arrive, other neighbors came out to see what was going on. The marmalade cat was identified as Wiggles, who had gone missing about 10 days before.

“He lost over five pounds,” Kingdon told The Dodo. “He wouldn’t have lasted much longer without food.”

It’s a good thing Aaron was there to save the day, then! He’s such a good boy, and of course, his owner is extremely proud of him!

“I am very proud of my smart boy,” she told The Dodo. “But of course, I always am.”

Sounds like somebody deserves a treat! Way to go, Aaron!