This Cat Welcomes Orphaned Kittens With A Hug

Ellen Carozza, a licensed veterinary technician who was named the Virginia Veterinary Technician of the Year last year, knows a thing or two about animals in need (check out her podcast here). A cat named Benedict Cumbercat was definitely in need, so Carozza took him in and gave him lots of TLC, and Benny is now in great shape.

It seems that Benny knows he has a great deal, and has decided to pay it forward. Every time a batch of kittens arrives, he takes it upon himself to be the “Itty Bitty Welcoming Committee,” greeting newbies and providing them with furry (and purrrrrry) companionship.

Carozza told Simplemost in a Facebook interview, “He was a sickly rescue like everyone else I take in, and I’d like to think he knows it. He is just wonderful with them. No kitten gets left out of attention from him.”

Now, this kitty (below right) is named Winifred.

Winifred arrived on the scene too tiny, having been rejected by her mother. BC has been extra attentive to the mini kitty.

“Benny is a natural with the babies,” Carozza told The Dodo. “I don’t know if it was due to us being very hands-on with him and sharing the routines, but every box of kittens I brought home he had to see what was in it. It was like a treat. He actually gets very depressed when we don’t have kittens. I’d like to think he is returning the favor we gave him a few years ago.”

And one more of Winnie, just because. LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE.

You can hear more of Ellen’s cat enthusiasm here! And if you want to help Benny, here’s how to make a donation to the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund.

P.S. I thought I’d heard the name “Benedict Cumbercat” somewhere before…

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