CATable 2.0: Stylish Wooden Cubes Keep Your Cat Entertained And Double As Furniture

Now your cat can have a comfy place to lounge, and you can have a stylish conversation piece. LYCS Architecture has released it’s newest cat-friendly furniture, the “Catable 2.0.”

A collection of four carved wooden boxes, these decorative pieces were created with feline entertainment in mind.

Catable 2.0 / LYCS Architecture

Stack them as you please to create a beautiful coffee table, end table, foot rest, and more.


Mixing up the design every few months will keep them engaged and curious.



The “CATable 2.0” was released at the 2015 Milan Design Week. Also pictured is the original CATable. Watch the video about the LYCS designs here:

Image credits: Catable 2.0 / LYCS Architecture