Groom Surprises Bride With A Puppy On Their Wedding Day & Her Reaction Is Priceless

This bride, like most brides, was probably certain her wedding day would be one of the best days of her life. Still, she likely wasn’t expecting the surprise her groom had planned for her.

Jeff Althoff surprised his wife, Jenna, with a puppy on their wedding day, making the event even more special for their brand-new family of three.

The moment was caught on video (thank goodness!), and by the look on the bride’s face, she had no idea it was coming. Because there’s no faking a reaction like this.

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The couple barely had time to celebrate becoming a family of two before Althoff announced to her, “We have now became [sic] a family of three!”

Jenna looked very confused. How had they managed to become a family of three? And then, she turned around and saw it: a puppy!

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According to the caption on YouTube, the dog is a British Labrador that was bred from World Field Trial Champions.

Althoff mentions in the video that Jenna has wanted a puppy her entire life. So, imagine her overwhelming joy when she sees one marching towards her, and on her wedding day, no less!

Of course, this isn’t the first time adorable puppies have made an appearance at a wedding. For example, an Atlanta radio show host surprised his wife with puppies while she was busy getting wedding photographs taken.

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“Callie and I are huge dog lovers and have rescued three between us,” the host, Jeff Dauler, told Fox 5 News. “I wanted a way to make some of the wedding stress go away for Callie for at least a few minutes. What better way than to snuggle with a puppy!”

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As far as I’m concerned, weddings and doggies are the perfect mash-up, so just a note to anyone getting married: keep the cute combos coming!

This Farmer Dancing In His Goat Barn Is Just What You Need To Watch Today

Well. I never thought I would be utterly charmed by a man dancing alone in a barn full of goats, but here we are. If this video is any indication, 2017 is off to a great—if not odd—start.

Jay Lavery, a 50-year-old farmer from upstate New York, has just made millions of people smile… and hopefully, dance! In this now-viral video, Lavery films himself dancing to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” alongside his goats.

Lavery owns and operates The Permaculture Inn, a cooperative learning facility for organic and sustainable farming, hospitality and living. But Lavery doesn’t just tend goats, lambs and chickens all day. He also likes to make his friends laugh, so he often films himself doing funny little stunts.

goat dance 1
YouTube, The Permaculture Inn

However, his latest stunt (an impromptu dance performance in the middle of his goat barn) went viral, with millions of people cracking up at this farmer’s awesome dance moves.

It’s not surprising that Lavery has such great comedic timing. Before becoming a farmer, Lavery worked as a stand-up comedian, as well as a flight attendant.

goat dance
YouTube, The Permaculture Inn

There is more to this video than just laughs, though. Lavery’s dance is also meant to be inspirational, as he says:

“Dancing is how I stay warm in the barn and I never know when I’m going to break out into a dance. But what most people don’t know is that 15 years ago I had a traumatic back injury that caused me to have several back surgeries including a discectomy and a spinal fusion and never ending back pain. Dancing along with yoga and meditation are my only alternatives to pain medication. So I hope this can inspire anyone to move in spite of pain and I hope this puts a smile on your face for the New Year.”

It certainly put on a smile on my face! I love wondering what was going through his goats’ minds. Here’s hoping barn dancing becomes the new fitness trend of 2017.

This Guy Rapping About Giving His Cat A Bath Is A Viral Internet Sensation [Video]

The West Coast’s top cat rapper has taken the internet’s obsession with cats to a whole new level.

This live Facebook video of self-proclaimed “cat rapper” Moshow, who hails from Portland, Oregon, went viral after it hit social media last week.

The video features Moshow (whose real name is Dwayne Molock) washing his cat, Ravioli, in the tub. Moshow cheerfully serenades the furious-looking feline with some soothing verses: “Rub a dub dub, gotta give, gotta give my cat a scrub / Ravioli, acting like they know me…”

Since Moshow posted it on Facebook, the video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

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Before any animal rights activists get up in arms about the ethics of using a grumpy, damp cat as a music video prop, Moshow wants us to know: Ravioli really did need a bath.

When someone ask you “Do you really LOVE your cats?” hehe ?❤?? HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!! #TheCatGod #TheCatRapper #MoGang

A photo posted by MSHO™?(The Cat Rapper?) (@iammoshow) on

In an interview with Oregon Live, the rapper said all of his cats were due for a bath that day. According to Moshow, his four hairless Sphynx cats need regular baths to stay clean and healthy.

Moshow said he hadn’t written anything before getting into the tub with Ravioli. He was just inspired and came up with the rhymes on the spot.

“I’ve been rapping since I was 16. I rap all day everyday; I just can’t turn it off,” he told Animal Planet last year. “I LOVE CATS and I’m extremely close with mine.”

In an interview with Willamette Week, Moshow explained more about his creative process.

“I grew up in the projects, so I was rapping gangster stuff and pretending a life that I didn’t really live,” he said. He soon stopped rapping about those subjects, though, because he “just didn’t feel comfortable rapping about things I didn’t do.”

Prepare for trouble! Make it DOUBLE! Lol SISTA SISTA! ??????? #SushiHana #TheMightyMegaMam #TheCatGod #TheCatRapper #MoGang

A photo posted by MSHO™?(The Cat Rapper?) (@iammoshow) on

In college, he clicked with a friend’s sphynx cat. That friend later became his girlfriend, and Moshow the cat rapper found his creative inspiration.

This isn’t Moshow’s first brush with online fame. In early December, he partnered with the Oregon Humane Society on a video that features him rapping about the joys of cat parenthood.

The video, “Adopt a Cat,” encourages Oregon residents to adopt a feline friend.

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Is this furr-tastic or what?

This DIY Dog Toy Will Keep Your Pet Busy For Hours

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Being a loving dog owner, I’m always on the search for new toys to keep Stanley busy while we are away. We’ve tried everything from deer antlers to Benebones (which are great, BTW), but I was intrigued when I came across this DIY dog toy.

This definitely shows some great promise, plus it’s pretty cheap to make.

What you need:

  1. Three plastic bottles
  2. Metal pole
  3. Wood pole
  4. Scrap wood
  5. Four screws
  6. Wood glue
  7. Drill


  1. Create a stand using two pieces of wood on the side and one on the bottom.
  2. Attach the wood pole at the top to serve as the carrier.
  3. Drill holes through the bottles and insert the metal pole through them and then secure the pole to the stand.
  4. Put some dog food into the bottles and you are good to go.

[h/t Lifehacker]


Other Activities For Dogs

If you are seeking other fun ways to keep your pooch busy that are a bit less DIY, then you might want to consider a trip to your local pet store. After all, dogs require a certain level of mental stimulation throughout the day and having fun toys on hand is one way to ensure they get their daily dose. This is especially important if they will be at home without human interaction for several hours at a time.

dog toy photo
Flickr | lindsayloveshermac

Store bought tools to keep your dog entertained include the popular KONG toys, which can be filled with treats or peanut butter, as well as safe chews, like the Nylabone. Some dogs even love puzzles — yes, you read that correctly! — like the Nina Ottosson puzzle toys.

Your furry family member might also love a classic ball, more specifically one that also does a little good like the Project Play Wunderball. Made from 100 percent natural rubber, the super-durable ball is not only safe for your dog, but also the environment.

Plus, the ball’s irregular surface helps to massage your dog’s teeth and gums, and then there is, perhaps, the best part yet — for every ball purchased, the company iHeartDogs donates the a ball to a shelter dog in need of a little love (and play).


And, really, does it get any better than that?

Dog Hilariously Plays Dead Because He Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park

Like me not wanting to leave the warm comfort of my bed or a child refusing to leave the cereal aisle until she gets her frosted puffs, this dog doesn’t want to leave the park.

Posted by wipandco in 2013, this golden retriever loves the fresh air so much that he’s mastered the art of playing dead.

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From gently being picked up and flopped over on his back, he plays the part better than Leo. Somebody get this guy an Oscar.

7 Foods You Should Absolutely Never Feed Your Dog

By this point, most of us know that chocolate can be fatal for our furry friends, but there are a host of other foods your dog should never be eating. Some of them may surprise you. Keep in mind that canine digestive systems are significantly less developed than human ones and rather ill-equipped to process certain modern foods.

There’s a reason dogs eat the same food every day: it contains all their necessary nutrients, and human food can actually cause health problems past an upset stomach. While human food in general won’t poison your dog, every pooch is different and just because one loves steak it doesn’t mean another will be able to handle it as well. Additionally, small dogs tend to have more sensitive stomachs than large ones.

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine recently compiled a list of the top people foods and ingredients that you should never feed your dog.

1. Chives, Garlic and Onions

These staple veggies — as well as garlic powder and onion powder — and any foods seasoned with them are not good for dogs. They have been associated with a disorder called hemolytic anemia, says Martine Hartogensis, the deputy director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine, which can damage a dog’s red blood cells.

If your pup eats garlic or onion, here are the symptoms to look out for: disorientation, fatigue and listlessness, rapid heartbeat and darkened urine or vomiting as the disease progresses.


2. Spoiled Food

While it’s common knowledge that dogs are not picky eaters, they should not be fed any human food that you wouldn’t eat yourself, including moldy bread. Anything with mold on it or that smells questionable should go straight into the trash and protected from your dog. The FDA says that if you keep a compost heap, your pup should not be able to dig around in it for rotten scraps.


3. Fried foods

Extremely fatty foods like fried chicken or french fries are very toxic to dogs, FDA veterinarian Carmela Stamper, D.V.M. says. Eating fried foods can cause pancreatitis, which in turn can cause damage to your pet’s other intestines. This can be life-threatening. If you’re worried that Fluffy got into the curly fries, take her to the vet ASAP, as pancreatitis can cause extreme vomiting and requires immediate emergency care.


4. Grapes

This is a puzzler for vets. They’re not sure what it is in grapes that makes dogs so sick, but there is a strong correlation between grapes and kidney failure in the species. This also includes raisins and dried currants, which are even more dangerous because the dried fruit is more concentrated. Also, the smaller the dog, the fewer grapes it takes to make one very sick.

If your dog eats a grape, even one, watch for signs of kidney failure. Symptoms include: diarrhea and vomiting, dehydration, lethargy, low urine output and weakness, according to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

ripe sweet grapes isolated on white

5. Macadamia Nuts

Dogs seem to be the only animal around that simply can’t tolerate macadamia nuts, and again, vets just aren’t sure why.

While it’s unlikely you’ll leave these expensive nuts lying around (and a dog would have to eat a good number of them to get sick), results can be very serious. Symptoms include depression, fever, muscle weakness and vomiting. Really, you should never feed your dog nuts of any kind, says Hartogensis, but especially not macadamia nuts.


6. Salty snacks

Just like humans, dogs shouldn’t eat too much salt. In fact, foods with excessive sodium levels can cause sodium ion poisoning. While a singular pretzel or potato chip isn’t cause for the emergency room, dogs have been known to devour entire bags of snack food if they have the chance (who hasn’t?).

Symptoms include depression, diarrhea, high fever, excessive thirst, kidney damage, seizures and vomiting. Make sure Mr. Woofers has a full water bowl all the time, but especially if he’s snuck a salty snack.


7. Xylitol

This is a low-calorie sugar substitute frequently added to a number of processed foods and other products like gum, breath mints and toothpaste. Even just a small amount of xylitol can cause a huge spike in a dog’s insulin levels, which could cause dangerously low blood sugar levels later on.

“Even just a few pieces of gum can be pretty toxic,” says Hartogensis. Little dogs are especially vulnerable to xylitol poisoning, so make sure to keep gum and mints well out of reach. Symptoms of xylitol poisoning initially include vomiting, and can later progress to fainting, seizures, staggering and weakness.

Wm Wrigley Jr Co To Close Factories And Cut Jobs
Getty Images | Tim Boyle

If you’re wondering about some people foods that can safely be given to your dog, check out our list of veterinarian-approved fruits that can be used as treats.

If You Really Love Your Dogs, Make Them These Watermelon Treats

Everyone love to splurge on frozen treats like ice cream to cool off on a warmer day. But what about our furry four-footed friends? Do they have to make do with their usual bowl of crunchy kibble? I think not.

It turns out that you can make safe, healthy watermelon, coconut water and honey treats for your pups at home. They won’t take very long to create, and we guarantee they will smell a lot better than usual dog food!

But first, an introduction: Meet Shelby, Memphis and Oakley, the Siberian Huskies of YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs, along with their humans, who created this recipe.

This recipe is super-easy and involves supplies you probably already have in your home. You only need a blender, ice cube tray and a handful of ingredients.

Here’s exactly what you’ll need.



  • Seedless watermelon
  • Coconut water or coconut milk
  • Honey
  • Ice cube tray


First, gather all your ingredients together and then take out a blender. The doggies can watch, but participation in the blending part is a “no.”


  • After cutting the seedless watermelon in half, throw it into a blender. Puree the watermelon until it becomes more of a liquid consistency.
  • Add in a bit of honey and a cup of coconut water or coconut milk.
  • Blend everything together for a few seconds.


  • Pour mixture into ice cube tray. Allow to freeze.
  • Once the treats are totally frozen, distribute them to your furry friends!



Unless your dogs eat their treats in one gulp, we recommend sharing these treats outdoors, so you don’t end up with a sticky floor or carpet.

Oh, and since these ingredients are super healthy, they’re great for both pets and their owners.

That’s right, you might be making ’em for your dogs, but humans can enjoy them, too!


Check out step-by-step instructions to whip these up in the video below:

And if your dog’s not a watermelon fan? No problem!

The YouTube channel offers plenty of other ideas for treats that you can make for your dog.


Maybe Neapolitan ice cream will be the ticket!


You can check out how to make those snacks in the video below:

Have a great summer!

[h/t: Better Homes And Gardens]

Man Takes Dying Dog On One Last Vacation Together

They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason. A dog’s loyalty to his human is one of the inviolate rules of the universe. And so it is with former Marine Robert Kugler and his sweet dog, Bella.

Robert Kugler/Facebook

Kugler adopted his canine pal nine years ago and found out last year that she had cancer. So he decided to pack Bella and a bunch of gear into his SUV and travel the country with her, to give her the trip of a lifetime, while she had the time left to take it.

Robert Kugler/Facebook

Bella was diagnosed with advanced-stage bone cancer last year, and doctors had to amputate her right front leg.

Robert Kugler/Facebook

Doctors gave Bella three to six months to live last year, and she’s far surpassed that, but Kugler has steeled himself to the inevitable.

Robert Kugler/Facebook

The Nebraska-based Kugler and his co-pilot have visited many spots so far: Chicago, Cleveland, the Adirondack Mountains in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Florida. They may soon head west to Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.

Robert Kugler/Facebook

“I want to inspire people to get outside and live,” he told CNN. “Love each other for who we are and make friends.”

Robert Kugler/Facebook

You can follow Bella’s journey on Kugler’s Twitter, FacebookPeriscope and Instagram pages. His website also has a large selection of images.

Have fun, you guys. You deserve it.

h/t: CNN