DIY: Make A ‘Walking Dead’ Brain Cake For Halloween

Are you looking for a Halloween treat to horrify (yet dazzle) your guests this year? With a little red velvet cake, fondant, and raspberry jam, you can accomplish just that.

Yolanda Gampp, from How To Cake It, shows us how to create a brain cake in her YouTube video. Her step-by-step instructions are simple enough even for beginner bakers to follow and the results are eerily terrifying.

Would you try to make this for your Halloween party this year?

If eating brains aren’t your thing, you could try Yolanda’s Fall Harvest Cake. It sure looks like a sinfully delicious treat as it’s a carrot cake with cinnamon buttercream, caramel, and sautéed fruit – yum!

The Best Way To Fill A Piping Bag With Frosting

I’ve never been much of a baker, but with the completion of my kitchen renovation last year, I’ve recently started to take a heightened interest in using my oven (for something other than heating frozen pizza).

While I felt I was getting a handle on making all sorts of meals in the oven, the thing I consistently avoided was making cookies or cupcakes that needed frosting.

While on my quest to bake everything under the sun, I discovered could never be a doctor, as my hands shake like a leaf when I pick up the unstable bag and try to decorate. I also hated the mess that ensued with I’d squeeze frosting all over the counter like a 3-year-old.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon this awesome way to fill a piping bag using Saran Wrap. It’s faster, easier, and is a lot less messy than the old way of doing things. For those that find themselves baking a lot, this helpful video is for you!