A Homeless Man Saved Two Children From A Burning House

Two children were rescued from a burning apartment by a homeless man, according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

The fire happened around 11:33 a.m on Dec. 1. Officials say it started in the kitchen as a cooking fire.

According to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue on Twitter, 36-year-old Anival Angelo saw smoke coming from the door of the apartment and heard the two children crying. Despite being locked with a deadbolt, he was able to pull open the security door and save both children from the blaze.

The two children, who are 10 months old and 3 years old, were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. It is not believed that their lives are in danger.

Damage to the apartment is estimated at $50,000.

Reports at the scene indicate that the children were dropped off by their mother to their grandfather’s residence. The stove burst into flames while he was cooking fries and chicken, so he used a window to get outside.

The grandfather was apparently in the back of the apartment and couldn’t get to the front, which is where the children were.

Written by Bryce Riley for KTNV.

Man Flies To Africa To Propose To His Girlfriend—In A Superhero Costume

Justin Page didn’t want to put off asking his girlfriend, Brittany Duncan, to marry him, even though she was away on a mission trip helping children in Africa. So he flew to Africa to surprise the love of his life. Not only was Duncan not expecting to see her boyfriend, but she definitely wasn’t expecting him to drop to one knee.

Those who were with Duncan on her mission trip were more than happy to help Page plan his surprise proposal. Telling Duncan they would be dressing up as superheroes for a skit, the volunteers broke up into several superhero-themed groups. Duncan was dressed up as Thor to lead her group, and Page disguised himself as Iron Man.

When the group leaders began performing their skit, Page made his move. Of course, given the superhero theme, Duncan wasn’t surprised to see Iron Man. But she was shocked when Iron Man took off his mask. She immediately burst into tears.

Then Page dropped to one knee. Duncan clutched him and cried as he said, “Will you marry me?” Of course, she said, “yes!”

After an amazing proposal like that, we have high hopes for one incredible wedding for these two. According to a Facebook update from Duncan’s mother, the two are set to be married in less than one month.

This certainly isn’t the first time a man has gone above and beyond to make a proposal special. Eric Martinez planned a “Little Mermaid” engagement photo shoot to immediately follow his surprise proposal. As you can imagine, the results were stunning:

We applaud these men for going above and beyond. And once you see this sweet, superhero proposal unfold in the video below, we think you’ll agree—themed proposals are the way to go!

What’s the most one-of-a-kind proposal you’ve ever been witness to?

This Bride Sang To Her Groom As She Walked Down The Aisle

Weddings are always beautiful, if you ask us. But one wedding had something that made it a little extra special. The bride decided to sing to the groom as she walked down the aisle, and we’re fairly certain there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Instead of walking down the aisle while a song was playing, the bride, Allison Thurman, decided to personalize the moment and actually sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as she was escorted down the aisle to meet her groom.

This was caught on video and posted to Facebook. Since then, it’s been making its way around the internet, and has been seen by over five million people. While the camera stays on mostly on the bride, you do get to see a bit of the groom’s reaction. He is so overcome with emotion at one point that he has to bend over and rest his hands on his knees. So basically, he is all of us. Watch the beautiful moment unfold:

Based on the Facebook comments, this video has inspired others to do something similar at their own weddings. And whether folks were inspired to do this at their own weddings or not, there was one common theme for those who watched this video—happy tears. “I’m literally crying. So beautiful,” one person wrote on Facebook.

This certainly isn’t the first time a bride has absolutely stunned a groom, however. Some have surprised their husbands-to-be with a song, as this bride did, and others have done it by just being themselves. There’s something about seeing your bride walk down the aisle that grooms just can’t handle.

Thankfully for the rest of us, there’s evidence of both online. Like the reaction to this bride who sang “Look at Me” as she walked down the aisle, and this groom who had the best reaction to his bride approaching him. How sweet!

There’s just something about weddings that gets us reaching for the tissues.