You’ve Likely Been Cutting Your Cake Wrong All This Time

Ever have one of those moments when you realize you’ve been doing something so wrong your entire life and the solution is SO OBVIOUS?!? That’s how I’m feeling now after watching this clip from Numberphile.

Apparently cutting a round cake into triangles is all wrong. The best way to do it is to cut a rectangle through the middle so that you can push the cake back together and keep it fresh for longer. Alex Bellos, a mathematician, uses this Letter to the Editor from a 1906 weekly Science magazine titled Nature to help with his demonstration.

Watch the tutorial and get ready to kick your cake-cutting game up a notch!

Here’s A Gift Wrapping Trick To Wrap A Present In Less Than 15 Seconds [Video]

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of wrapping gifts. I always defer to the gift bag whenever possible. But there are occasions when wrapping a present is still the best approach.

Watch this video above to get some tips on how to improve your wrapping skills and get the job done in a few seconds. The key is to start with an oversized piece of paper and wrap it diagonally. No additional cutting required.

As a bonus tip,  we’ve found dollar stores are one of the best places to buy gift wrap and bags.

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Here’s another video that shows the trick in more detail. Watch and learn, then sit back and enjoy all the time you’ve saved thank to this gift-wrapping trick!

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Here’s The Fastest Way To Peel Potatoes

This is genius! Almost every large family get-together in my house involves mashed potatoes. While I prefer to make my mashed potatoes with the skin included, the rest of my family does not.

Historically, I curse and complain my way through making homemade mashed potatoes because of the cumbersome (and sometimes dangerous) peeling process.

But I’ve found a better way – watch the video and be amazed!