These Foster Cats Are So Attached To Each Other They Hold Paws

When you find a best friend, you never want to let them go. That’s certainly the case for Lily and Rosa, two cats living together in a Florida foster home. These two kitties are so tight that they even hold each other’s paws. Cute overload!

Both cats were sick and weak when they came to live with Andrea Christian, a foster pet mom for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida. The cats have helped each other recover and have been best friends from the moment they first met.

“It was love at first sniff!” Christian told The Dodo.

Now they are a bonded pair: Lily, a Siamese mix, and Rosa, a black cat, never leave each other’s side.

Check out the adorable duo cuddling together in this video posted to Instagram by Christian:

“Rosa and Lily,” she captioned the video. “Lily still spends most of her time snoozing while Rosa stands guard. Rosa is scared of everything outside her room and we try to force her to socialize. They sure love one another.”

Although the cats mostly stick together, they are slowly starting to mingle with the other foster pets living in Christian’s home.

If you live in the Tampa area and would love a pair of cuddly cats in your life, you’re in luck because this dynamic duo is in search of their forever home. Contact the St. Francies Society Animal Rescue for more information. If you adopt these kitties or other rescue cats, you’ll need plenty of toys and a litter box that contains odor.

In the meantime, get your fix of heart-melting feline friendship with these photos and videos of the best friends:

They look so happy together!

Just look at the way they hang onto each other:

Here they are looking decidedly bored by Yahtzee but oh-so-cute nonetheless:

“Lily and Rosa played Yahtzee last evening with grandma,” Christian joked in the caption.

What an awesome pair of pets! Here’s hoping that these BFFs find their forever home very soon.

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