You Can Now Buy Cauliflower Ranch ‘Fries’ To Satisfy Your Cravings

Ahh, yet another way to prepare cauliflower! This versatile vegetable never ceases to amaze. Cauliflower can be made into gnocchi, pizza crust and even bread-like sandwich thins. Well, prepare to add another item to the list because cauliflower “fries” now exist.

Birds Eye is responsible for the healthier option of cauliflower and ranch fries, which combine cauliflower and potatoes and are dusted with ranch seasoning. They have 150 calories and 20 grams of carbs for per serving (eight pieces), whereas a small serving of fries from Wendy’s is 290 calories and 47 grams of carbs.

The faux fry was spotted on Walmart shelves and shared by The Impulsive Buy on Instagram:

These also come without the ranch flavor, which will cost you $2.97 from Walmart.


Found in the frozen food aisle, all you’ll have to do is bake these babies in the oven to make sure they’re perfectly crispy and ready for snacking!

Fun Cauliflower Recipes To Try Today

If you’ve already got fresh cauliflower in your kitchen (and a little time on your hands), you might want to check out these similar recipes for making fry-like foods at home.

These cauliflower “tater tots” don’t even use potatoes! This recipe from Baking Outside The Box details how you can whip them up using cauliflower, Parmesan, butter, egg yolk and onion powder:

Baking Outside The Box

For a keto-friendly take on fries, you can follow along with this recipe from Certainly Keto, which uses cauliflower, cream cheese, coconut flour and more to create oh-so-snackable “fries.”

Certainly Keto

If you’re really in a hurry, you can also just toss chunks of cauliflower in ranch seasoning or other spices, mix with oil and throw it in the oven until crispy. This recipe from The Gunny Sack will show you how it’s done.

The Gunny Sack

Then again if you are looking for comfort food with a cauliflower spin, then you could always whip up this Cauli-“Mac” And Cheese from Keto Connect. Bacon adds a bit of extra flavor and pork rinds create the crunchy topping you would typically find on traditional mac and cheese.

Keto Connect

So, who’s ready to satisfy yet another craving with cauliflower?

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