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Celebrate Christmas Nostalgia With NSYNC Holiday Merchandise

Show off your NSYNC and Christmas love at the same time!

There’s nothing we love more than a little dose of nostalgia. And the holidays are certainly the best time of year to overdose on all your favorite memories. So, if your mental trip in the way back machine take you to the late ’90s, by chance, you’re in for an even bigger treat this holiday season.

Do you have an affection for amazing Christmas sweaters? What about coffee mugs? Is the memory of *NSYNC parting ways in 2002 ‘tearin’ up your heart’? OF COURSE.



If you answered yes to any of those questions—but mostly number three—get your Christmas list ready. Following an announcement that *NSYNC will have some amazing stuff for us to buy in 2018, they have now surprised us all by releasing…wait for it…holiday merchandise!

Not only is everything beyond amazing, but it also has some pretty incredible names too. “It’s gonna be SLEIGH”? Amazing. “Bye Bye Bye Santa”? I can’t even.


Starting with my personal fav, the “No Strings Attached” sweater. It’s a little pricey at $80, but you are sure to win any sweater competition at the holiday party. Though, at least to me, it is beyond beautiful. So you might lose that whole “ugly sweater” thing.

If $80 is out of your price range, you could opt for the sweatshirt instead that says “Bye Bye Bye Santa,” complete with the boys in a sleigh, of course.

Or even simpler, a plain red sweatshirt with “*NSYNC” in Christmas colors so no one will ever doubt your love. Both of those are $45 each.

You’ll also need new holiday slippers, right? You might as well get these “It’s Gonna Be Sleigh” ones, along with this hat, affectionately known as “Tearin’ Up My Hat“.

Still too much money to spend? You can also get an ornament for $15 or a coffee mug for $14.

But, there is some bad news,*NSYNC lovers. At the time of this story, everything is SOLD OUT! The website currently says they’re speaking to Santa about more merchandise, so crank up “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” and keep checking back before it’s all “Gone” again!

And if you’re looking for a present for your “Girlfriend,” even “For The Girl Who Has Everything,” we promise you she doesn’t have any *NSYNC merchandise quite as awesome. Just make sure she’s not a Backstreet Boys fan, OK? That could get ugly…


(And no, *NSYNC puns never get old.)