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Celebrate Your Love Of Pasta With A Noodle Necklace

We bet we know someone who would love these!

The days when it wasn’t weird that you made jewelry out of pasta may be gone. But if you’re longing for some nostalgia—or just really love noodles—now you can buy the adult version of a pasta necklace. And, better yet, this one is made of sterling silver!

Delicacies Jewelry paired up with Barilla pasta to release a line of necklaces in the form of different pasta shapes. The necklaces, called Al Dente (obviously), range from bow-tie-shaped farfalle to a spiral rigatoni to show off whichever pasta is your go-to.

Here’s a closer look at the necklaces, including who should wear each noodle, based on their ‘spirit pasta’. Who knew that was even a thing!

Sterling Silver Bucatini Necklace – $85

Delicacies Jewelry


Bucatini promotes passion, strength, perseverance and wisdom, so if you crave travel and ambitions destinations, this is your spirit pasta and you should definitely wear it on all your adventures.

Sterling Silver Farfalle Necklace – $85 

Delicacies Jewelry

Farfalle promotes passion, happiness, creativity and renewal. This necklace can be worn by those who wish to lighten up and let go, as the bow tie often symbolizes a silly person, or a ‘fool’.

Sterling Silver Rotini Necklace – $99

Delicacies Jewelry

Rotini is not only a fun pasta to stick your fork into, but it also promotes passion, happiness and renewal. This noodle necklace is inspired by childhood and brings back memories of silliness and fun. If you’re looking to reconnect to your inner child, this one’s for you!

And while you might think there is literally nothing better than these necklaces, with every purchase, Delicacies Jewelry provides 20 meals to help feed the hungry. So not only are you scoring some pretty sweet jewelry, but you’re helping a very worthy cause in the process.

But don’t worry if pasta isn’t your thing; Delicacies Jewelry also has other food items you can wear with pride, like a carrot, grapes and even an avocado.

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