These Celebrities Have Donated Over $8 Million To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey left the city of Houston destroyed, and an estimated $40 billion in repairs will be necessary to rebuild the city. So, every single donation counts. Organizations such as the American Red Cross are accepting donations to help victims and aid in Hurricane Harvey relief, and quite a few celebrities are pitching in, too.

A-listers such as the Kardashians, Kevin Hart and Sandra Bullock have donated as much as $1 million to help Houston in the aftermath if the storms. Considering the city accumulated 52 inches of rainfall and approximately 30,000 people are in shelters, the Houston area certainly needs all of the help it can get.

Perhaps what got the ball rolling on the celebrity donations was Hart’s “challenge.” His call to action asked other celebs to help out, and folks such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Beyonce took him up on his request.

Bullock wanted to make it known that helping the Houston area is an important for Americans to do—regardless of politics or beliefs. It’s a time for us all to come together.

“There are no politics in eight feet of water,” the star told People. “There are human beings in eight feet of water.”

She donated $1 million to hurricane relief efforts, and the American Red Cross praised her donation.

“This is an incredible gift. We’re so thankful. It’s times like this when we do receive such an incredible amount of support. Especially during times of disaster, people see what’s happening in Texas and our hearts all go out to them,” Elizabeth Penniman, vice president of communications for American Red Cross national headquarters, told People. “Having someone like Sandra Bullock make this kind of commitment, it helps bring people together and open their hearts and be even more generous.”

Here’s a running tally of how much celebrities have generously donated to the cause so far:

1. Kevin Hart: $50,000

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: $25,000

3. Sandra Bullock: $1 million

Sandra Bullock photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

4. The Kardashians: $500,000

5. Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez: $50,000

6. Ellen DeGeneres: $75,000

7. Beyonce: Unknown

While the amount of her contribution is not known, Beyonce has said she will raise money through her BeyGood organization.

8. DJ Khaled: $25,000

9. Nicki Minaj: $25,000

10. Wendy Williams: $25,000

11. Drake & Future: Unknown

The donation amount is unknown, but the artists have said they are working to aid in relief.

12. Chris Young: $100,00

He’s donated $100,000 personally and started a GoFundMe page so others can send money, as well.

Chris Young photo
Getty Images | Stephen Lovekin

13. Miley Cyrus: Unknown

Cyrus is donating through the Happy Hippie Foundation.

14. J.J. Watt: Unknown

Watt has started a fundraising site.

J J Watt photo
Getty Images | Scott Halleran

15. Chris Paul: $75,000

Paul has donated a total of $75,000 through different channels.

16. T.I.: $25,000

17. Waka Flocka: $25,000

18. Chip and Joanna Gaines: Unknown

The HGTV couple is donating proceeds from of the sales of “Texas Forever” shirts.

19. Demi Lovato: $50,000

20. Nick Jonas & DNCE: Unknown

They’ve partnered to raise money for the Houston Food Bank.