Champagne Gummy Bears Are The Perfect Boozy Summer Recipe

Add an adorable twist to your next summer spread by making delicious champagne gummy bears. These boozy treats combine the perfect mix of your favorite childhood candy and an adult bubbly beverage. It’s a crowd-pleaser that will have your friends coming back for more – if you decide to share that is.

In order to make these tasty candies, start out by filling a bowl or plastic container with your preferred brand of flavorful gummies. Next, pour just enough champagne, proscecco, or sparkling wine to submerge the candies fully. As the bears will just be soaking up the beverage, you don’t need to splurge on the type of wine you’ll be adding to the mix. Almost any type of sweet, bubbly wine will do.

From here, cover the container in plastic wrap, and place in the refrigerator over night to let the champagne work it’s magic. By the next morning, you’ll have dozens of drunken gummies to turn your next get-togther up a notch. Who knew reliving your childhood could taste so sweet?

Photo by Sunshinee14

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