Channing Tatum dressed up as a unicorn for his daughter’s preschool Halloween carnival

In case you hadn’t noticed, unicorns are all the rage these days. From Starbucks drinks to eyeliner to slippers to the forthcoming “My Little Pony” movie, the mythical creatures are kind of having a moment right now.

And now celebrity dad Channing Tatum has gotten in on the trend. Yep, the actor dressed up as a unicorn for his daughter, Everly’s, preschool Halloween carnival. And the results were pretty adorable.

His wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, went as a fairy, as did little Everly.

Here’s Dewan-Tatum rocking her costume:

“This is the wings smashed, Mom somehow ends up holding it all, I survived preschool Halloween carnival nature fairy look,” she captioned the photo.

While we have to admit her costume is pretty cute, it seems like daddy Tatum is the one who really stole the show. We’re betting those preschoolers really got a kick out of his awesome costume. And it’s really sweet to see that he’s willing to go all out to make his daughter happy.

Just check out this candid shot of him all dressed up:

This is not the first time the actor has shown us that he’s A+ dad material. He previously confessed to being great at the essential parenting task of changing diapers.

“I’m solid at changing a diaper now. If a guy isn’t good at changing a diaper, I don’t know what he’s there for, really, ’cause they’re not there for the first seven months for any reason than to do that because the mom is the end-all, be-all of everything,” he told People back in 2014.

Dewan-Tatum also seems to be rocking the whole motherhood thing. Aside from being a wife and mom, Dewan-Tatum is a professional dancer who’s worked with performers such as Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot and Pink. She recently hosted the “World of Dance” TV show produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Earlier this month, Dewan-Tatum shared a video of herself rehearsing for Janet Jackson’s Hollywood Bowl concert on Instagram. When 4-year-old Everly decided to join in, her mom didn’t miss a beat. Talk about multi-tasking! She captioned the aww-inducing video, “mom life last night.”

But mom isn’t the only one with dance moves.

One of Tatum’s breakthrough roles was in in a movie called “Step Up,” which co-starred none other than his future wife, Dewan-Tatum. Tatum played a scrappy street dancer and Dewan-Tatum played a trained dance student who eventually team up for one epic dance performance. Sparks flew both onscreen and off; the pair first got together during filming, married in 2009 and had their daughter in 2013.

Touchstone Pictures

Tatum, of course, went on to showcase his dance moves in two “Magic Mike” movies, where he played a young man who turns to male stripping to help make ends meet. (The film was loosely based on his own experience stripping as a young man.)

And Tatum also gained attention this summer when he showed off his dance moves with a fan in a gas station. Nice moves!

What a fun family!