This Chart Shows How You Can Make A Minimalist Wardrobe Work For You

We get it—sorting out your closet is easier said than done. Some of those clothing items might be worn again, we tell ourselves. Oh, and what about the dress you wore when you were hired for the job you love? You couldn’t possibly get rid of that! The excuses start to pile up and before you know it, your closet is fuller than it ever was. Luckily, if you’re looking to minimize once and for all, there’s a nifty chart that can help you create a minimalist wardrobe.

The chart was created by Apartment Geeks and The Pocket Stylist, and offers suggestions on how women can organize and downsize to make some much-needed space in their closets.

From letting you know which items to hang vs. fold to how many pairs of pants are needed for the perfect capsule wardrobe, this chart is full of helpful information. So get ready to start adding to those donation piles, because you’ve got some cleaning out to do!

Apartment Geeks

As you can see, there’s a lot of helpful information in this chart. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some of the highlights we think will help you the most.

Choose An Organization Method

Whether you organize by color or by item, choose a method and stick with it. That will make it easy to access what’s in your closet and make the process of choosing an outfit so much easier. The chart also points out that if you’re organized, you’ll be able to easily spot unworn items—making it much less difficult to give them up! If you’re wondering what to donate, you can also ask yourself a list of questions such as “Would I buy this again?” to make the process less difficult.


How To Arrange Shoes

Your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to cram as many shoes into a space as possible, but knowing how to properly arrange them can help you have more room for more pairs, while being tidy. If you stagger shoes so that they’re beside each other, with the heel of one shoe facing out and the toe of the other facing out, you’ll have much more room in your closet. You can also look into these creative hacks for storing your shoes, too.

A White Button-Down Top Is Crucial

According to the chart, while you should have a few top options for some items, a white button-down shirt is a crucial piece. This makes sense considering something like this can easily be dressed up or down. Pair it with a skirt and wear it to the office or throw on a pair of jeans with it and run some errands, all while looking put-together.

One Nice Dress Will Suffice

You’ve heard that a little black dress is a must-have piece in a woman’s wardrobe, and it’s true. A classic item like this can be worn on the dressiest of occasions, and if you only have one—you’ll never have to spend time wondering what to wear!


Double Up On Pants To Make Washing Easier

The chart recommends having two dark pants and two pairs of jeans. Seems like a smart plan to us!

Of course, what makes the perfect capsule wardrobe is going to differ for everyone. also has some great advice for those looking to be a bit more minimalist. For example, they suggest identifying what’s important to you about a wardrobe before building a mini version.

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be well on your way to having less clutter and a purposeful closet selection in no time!