8 charts to get you ready for fall


The official start of fall is just days away. Are you ready? No. You are not. I know. You think you’re ready. But you haven’t yet been schooled by Pinterest in all things fall. So sit down, pull up a chair and get ready to do some seasonal cramming.

1. The Specific Apples You Need For Every Possible Use

First, let’s start with your apple knowledge. What do you know about apples? When you walk through the grocery store, can you identify which apple is best for baking and which apple is best for munching? When you go apple picking with your kids, do you know how to snag the juiciest and sweetest offering?

Didn’t think so. Better make sure you check out this cheat sheet before you try to go pick out apples all willy-nilly:


2. Diffuser Blends That Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Who doesn’t love a home that smells like an autumnal paradise? With this simple chart, you can use all-natural ingredients in your diffuser to enjoy a variety of fall scents all season long.


3. Seasonal Produce To Stock Up On Now

Whether you’re counting carbs, calories and fat grams, or just trying to get your family to eat healthier, this chart will show you which seasonal fruits and veggies you can enjoy for maximum health benefits. Yum!


4. The Best Way To Roast Every Fall Vegetable

Now that you know what’s in-season, what’s the best way to get it from the farm to the table? This chart gives you the play-by-play for roasting your veggies:

5. All The Pumpkins You Never Knew About

When I was a kid, it seemed like we just had one kind of pumpkin: the plain old orange kind! But now when you go to a pumpkin patch, it seems there are countless varieties and colors from which to choose. This chart will explain the most popular pumpkin types and what they are best suited for.


6. A Different Type Of Soup For Every Cold Day

Fall and soup go together like peanut butter and jelly! Nothing is better than enjoying a warm cup of soup on a chilly fall day. With this chart, you can make sure that you’re not stuck in a boring broccoli and cheese rut.

7. A DIY Hot Chocolate Builder

Hot chocolate is a must once chilly weather rolls around! This handy chart will make it easy for you to make delicious and unique recipes all season long.

8. How To Have A Pulled-Together Fall Look In Your Home

If you don’t have an eye for design, never fear. There’s a chart for that. This particular chart provides you with a multitude of autumnal color palettes you can follow when you’re shopping for seasonal decorations:

There. Feeling more prepared? Good.

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