How this blogger reorganized her laundry room for just $30

Laundry is the chore you can never really finish. Between the piles of items to be washed, folded or put away; the detergents, sprays and other supplies required; and the time it takes to pretreat, clean, dry and otherwise care for your family’s clothing, your laundry room can quickly become the most uninviting space in your home.

A fresh update to your laundry room that combines function with aesthetics can be just what you need to lighten your load (figuratively speaking, of course). Better yet, you can organize the area on the cheap, thanks to budget-friendly dollar stores and other discount spots.

Lifestyle blogger Tonya Payne made over her small laundry room, taking it from what she calls “a hot mess” to a tidy, organized and even inviting area. She was able to update the space for about $30 using mostly items from the Dollar Tree. She shows how she did this in a video she shared on her YouTube channel, “Hey Tonya.”

If your laundry room could use an upgrade but your budget is tight, Tanya’s tips can be the perfect place to start. Dollar Tree in particular has become known for its assortment of attractive and practical bins, baskets and other organizational items, but you may be able to find comparable items at other dollar stores, big box stores and even thrift stores. Look for great deals on items such as the following:

1. Plastic Stacking Bins

If your space is limited, Payne recommends going vertical. One appealing way to achieve this is by using bins that stack atop one another. With so many colors and designs for just a dollar, what’s not to love?

Dollar Tree

2. Larger Open Baskets

For bigger items that aren’t needed regularly, she uses locker bins from the dollar store. The deep, handled baskets keep items such as large bottles of detergent handy but somewhat hidden. Some of the locker bins have dry eraser-friendly surfaces, making labeling a breeze.

Dollar Tree

3. Storage Buckets

Don’t forget the space beneath cupboards and shelves. As an example, Payne used basic S hooks to suspend storage buckets by their handles underneath her wire shelving. These are the perfect stash spot for rags, odd socks, clothespins and more.

Dollar Tree

4. Wall Decor

You can decorate your laundry area with Dollar Tree wall decals and other artwork. You can also include an attractive yet practical item, such as the stain removal guide Payne offers on her blog. It’s available for free download in a variety of colors.

Hey Tonya

5. Hooks And Brackets

Have you ever noticed that mops, brooms and other cleaning implements have small holes in the handles? Simple hooks from Walmart (that cost under a buck apiece) are ideal for hanging these items out of the way in the laundry room. Simple, inexpensive shelf brackets work nicely to hold empty hangers, too.


6. Collapsible Hamper

While these dollar store hampers are fine for carrying dirty clothing or sorting loads, they can also have other organizational uses. Payne stores her stock of toilet paper in one and hangs it in a convenient spot.

Dollar Tree

7. Shoe Organizer

The pockets in over-the-door shoe organizers hold cleaning products such as spray bottles and small dusters nicely. This item was something Payne already owned, but you can nab one for less than $10 at Walmart.


8. Pretty Containers

“I wanted some pretties in here” said Payne in her video. The solution: a farmhouse-style tray from Target’s Dollar Spot holding Dollar Tree bottles, jars and other items containing cleaning solutions, clothespins or simply for decoration.

Dollar Tree

Are you feeling inspired to make over your own laundry room?

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