Check Out These Amazing Balloon Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

At one point or another in your life, you were probably impressed by balloon animals. Heck, I think it’s safe to say I still am. I mean, I certainly couldn’t fold balloons and wind up with a dog shape at the end of it.

But, if you thought regular old fair-style balloon animal art took talent to make— you haven’t seen anything yet.

Hello Giggles stumbled upon Masayoshi Matsumoto’s balloon sculptures on Tumblr, and they are truly awe-inspiring.太ったドラゴン-chubby-dragon-2015925

Using only balloons he creates very intricate creatures. Everything from monkeys to months. And the end results are worthy of being placed in a museum.イグアナ-iguana-2015111オオスカシバ-pellucid-hawk-moth-2016228

Seriously, your inner kid is probably freaking out right about now because you just didn’t know this was even possible, am I right?フクロウ-owl-2014713

I can definitely promise you one thing, you’ll never look at balloon animals the same again. Oh no. Matsumoto’s changed all of that.蛾-moth-201476フェニックス-phoenix-201612


Stare at even more of his work by paying his Tumblr a visit here.



[h/t: Hello Giggles]