Check Out This Artist’s Snow Murals And Prepare To Be Wowed

The way he makes these is as impressive as the finished product.

If you walk through fresh snow, you’re bound to leave footprints,  and it can be fun to make designs out of your tracks or to lay down and create snow angels.

If you think the little star you mapped out with your feet is impressive, wait until you see the work of artist Simon Beck. Using just his feet, Beck creates impressive snow murals that are as intricate as they are large.

Simon Beck

Beck begins at the center of his piece, and he uses a compass to guide him in the right direction. From there he creates detailed patterns and designs that look gorgeous from up above. He uses pace counting to help with his design, but most of his snow murals are made just using his own judgment.

Simon Beck

His pieces can take hours to make, and his average snow mural consists of 40,000 stepsthat’s the equivalent of walking about 20 miles. He typically works for 5-9 hours a day; he will even keep walking into the night to complete one. When he’s finished, his work of art is usually the size of three soccer fields.

Sadly, since they are made of snow, after all, the murals don’t last forever, and their survival depends on the weather—sometimes he can’t even finish one due to the accumulation of snow.

Simon Beck

Beck first began making snow murals after he could no longer run due to feet problems, and walking on level snow was the least painful way of getting exercise. Eventually, he continued when he got excited about photographing his work.

You can check out Beck in action in the video below—prepared to be blown away by this unique art form.

If you’re a fan of his work, Beck also has a book for purchase that contains more than 200 photos of his dreamy work. You can learn more by visiting his website.