Check Out Nintendo’s Newest Gaming Console, The Nintendo Switch

Calling all gamers: Nintendo has a new console launching next year, the Nintendo Switch.

The new system, which is expected to drop in March 2017, is designed to be played at home and on the go. The console can be hooked up to a base station/dock that connects to your TV or you can take it with you in “portable mode,” according to Nintendo.

“The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles,” according to Nintendo, which hasn’t yet revealed how much the new console will cost.

The beauty of this new console, based on the “first look” video that Nintendo posted online last month, is that you can easily transition between playing at home and playing while you’re out and about—you don’t have to end the at-home gaming experience when you leave to walk your dog or hang out with friends. Nintendo called the new system “liberating.”


And you don’t have to sacrifice the gaming experience when you leave your living room, either. The Nintendo Switch has a bright, high-definition display that allows you to take the full home gaming system experience with you in the car or on an airplane.

To take the system with you, simple remove the system from the dock. You can play in portable mode using the Switch as a handheld-console with the two Joy-Con controllers attached on either side. (The two Joy-Con controllers can also attach to a main controller for at-home play.)

You can also remove the Joy-Con controllers to play by yourself or with your friends. When you’re gaming on the go, you can play with a Joy-Con controller in each hand, or give one to a friend for some two-player action. If your friends bring their Nintendo Switches, you can play multiplayer games face-to-face.