Check Out How These College Freshmen Decorated Their Dorm Room

We're a little jealous of this room, TBH.

Remember moving into your college dorm freshmen year and meeting your roommate for the first time? Maybe you talked on the phone over the summer to coordinate who would bring the stereo (remember those?) and who’d bring the TV. As for decorating, you probably had two clashing comforters and a random assortment of posters taped to the wall.

Well, times have changed, and you will not believe how two freshmen at University of Mississippi decked out their dorm room. Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, coordinated bed lamps and comforters, bulletin boards and sheet sets, all from more than nine hours apart. And, it’s not as if the girls just went out and purchased a showroom either. They frequented several local and chain stores to create this masterpiece. They even had headboards and pillows custom made.

After seeing what these two have accomplished on their first day on campus, we can only imagine what they will be able to do in their next four years at Ole Miss.

Lindy Goodson/Instagram