This is the cheesiest pizza on the planet

When you think of the cheesiest slice of pizza, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s Mellow Mushroom‘s Great White pizza, which is stacked with feta, provolone, ricotta, and mozzarella? Or maybe it’s the Four Cheese & Pesto at Uno Pizzeria & Grill? What if we told you to think even cheesier?

French chef Benoit Bruel of Déliss’ Pizza in Lyon, France, officially set the Guinness World Record for putting the “Most Varieties of Cheese on a Pizza.” His specialty pizza pie contained an astonishing 254 different kinds of cheese, which essentially makes any four-cheese pizza look like child’s play.

If you’re anything like us, you likely didn’t even know such a record existed. Evidently, Bruel technically broke the record back in February 2020. However, he had to compile the “required evidence” of his success to present to the judges at Guinness. As of Nov. 29, the chef’s impressive achievement finally received official recognition.

“Youhoooo,” Bruel wrote in a post on his restaurant’s Instagram account. “It took a while but that’s it, the Guinness Book validated my record last Thursday! It’s official !!! My certificate arrives this week as well as the list of cheeses.” (As translated by Google Translate.)

The Guinness World Records Facebook page also shared a video about his new record:

With 154 kinds of cheese on his cholesterol-filled creation, the Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco formerly held the record. That means Bruel beat the previous winner by 100 cheeses.

So, why would someone go to great lengths to produce the cheesiest pizza on the planet? In the case of Bruel, his motivation largely stemmed from pride for his country. As UPI reports, “Benoit told Guinness officials he thought it was important that the record be held by France, which is known for its cheeses.”

By Cheyenne Buckingham, Eat This, Not That!