Cheetos just released a new Flamin’ Hot flavor—and people are pretty fired up

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Attention, junk food fans! Cheetos has just released a new flavor of Flamin’ Hots: Chipotle Ranch.

The flavor promises to be the perfect marriage of bold spice and creamy ranch. So far, reviews of the product have been positive, with critics saying that the heat builds with each bite and that, while the ranch is definitely present, it doesn’t take away from the Flamin’ Hots’ spiciness.

Yes, be warned, these babies are hot!


The new variety first made its debut in May, and it is already available in many stores. If you don’t see it on your shelves yet, keep looking. You can also buy them on Amazon (no word on if Chester Cheeto himself will deliver them to your door).

While you might argue that the last thing the world needs is another variety of Cheetos, the origin story behind Flamin’ Hots is actually really inspirational. Here’s what happened: One day, a machine broke at a Frito-Lay factory, leaving a bunch of Cheetos un-Cheetoed. Janitor Richard Montanez took home some of the defected product, and he tossed them in chili powder to make up for the lack of cheese dust.

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The result? Well, as the kids would say, it was pretty lit.

Montanez thought his little invention was delicious, and so did his friends and family. Still, he was a little scared to bring the idea to his bosses. After all, he reasoned, he was just the janitor, and he didn’t speak much English.

Luckily, Montanez decided to take the risk, and the CEO agreed to meet with him and hear his idea. The nervous janitor had to rush out and buy a tie (he never owned a tie before, and he found one for just $3) for what would end up becoming a successful pitch meeting. The CEO loved Montanez’s idea for a spicy take on the regular Cheetos brand, and so Flamin’ Hots were born.

How cool is that? Montanez is now the VP of Branding and Sales at PepsiCo, and he has gone from sweeping up Cheetos dust to sweeping up Benjamins.

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Inspiring, huh? Now, excuse me, I am off to try that delicious new flavor of Flamin’ Hots…

[h/t: Refinery 29]