Michelin-starred chef demonstrates how to make a perfect omelette in the microwave in 3 minutes

Acclaimed chef Jose Andres isn’t above using his microwave for tasty food. He recently shared that when his wife wants him to keep the kitchen clean at home but he’s in the mood for a snack, he turns to their microwave to make a quick egg dish.

Andres told Insider that he takes a spoonful of mayo and whisks it with an egg until it’s creamy. Then, he drizzles olive oil into the bottom of a microwave-safe dish, adds the mixture, and cooks it until he has a mayo-egg omelet. This takes up to 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

You can see him make a similar recipe in this TikTok video posted to his @chefjoseandres account.


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♬ original sound – José Andrés

Andres’ mayo is key because he’s working with Hellman’s to promote the reduction of food waste, including the use of mayo in your “fridge hunting.” He also says that home cooks can add leftovers of whatever they have to this dish, from deli meats to veggies and cheese, and top it with tomato, balsamic vinegar or avocado once it’s cooked. Using up what you have on hand and combining them into a quick microwave meal is simple enough for any kitchen novice, he says.

“If you’ve never cooked before in your life, you’re going to be successful,” Andrew told Insider. “And if you don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen, it really works.”

The Spanish-born, Michelin-starred chef, who is based in the Washington D.C. area, is known not only for his upscale restaurants but also for his humanitarian and community efforts like World Central Kitchen. His promotion of this food waste-reducing tactic to use up what’s in your refrigerator can be seen in this TikTok video below.


Join me to reduce food waste… let’s all eat what we already have. #FridgeHunters 🌎 #HellmannsPartner @hellmannsmayonnaise

♬ original sound – José Andrés

This idea of microwaving eggs wasn’t a surprise to me. In fact, it took me until college to realize “poached” eggs weren’t always cooked in the microwave. For as long as I can remember, my family microwaved eggs in ramekins with a little butter, pepper and salt.

In reality, what I’d been eating was more of a soft-boiled egg or “coddled egg” without the water bath below the ramekin. I still like this type of egg and have figured out that to cook it without an egg explosion, you need to put it on 30-40% power for about 2-3 minutes depending on your microwave wattage. This results in a soft yolk and cooked whites. Piercing the egg a few times and covering it with plastic wrap with a slit in the middle of it also keeps this microwave method from getting messy.

Do you have a favorite microwave egg recipe?